ActivInspire users are encouraged to migrate to Promethean’s next-generation lesson delivery software entitled ClassFlow™ Desktop.


Designed for ActivInspire teachers, ClassFlow Desktop is designed to serve as an upgrade and replacement for ActivInspire Software. It’s the one place to deliver your Flipcharts, create new lessons, access free resources, and collaborate with students. To learn more about ClassFlow Desktop, please click here.

Product Migration Information
Product Migration Information To learn more about the ActivInspire to ClassFlow Desktop migration, please click here.
Important Migration Dates
Important Migration Dates ActivInspire users are encouraged to complete the migration process to ClassFlow Desktop as soon as possible. Customer support for ActivInspire will remain active through June 30, 2018.
Product Migration FAQs
Product Migration FAQs For common questions and answers regarding the ActivInspire to ClassFlow Desktop migration, please click here.
Easily Convert Your Flipcharts
Easily Convert Your Flipcharts ClassFlow Desktop provides a built-in conversion feature for individual Flipchart files. To convert larger quantities (minimum of 50), please click here.

Technical Overview



ActivInspire - Personal and Professional Edition.

Works With

ActivInspire Personal and Professional Edition Works with all ActivBoards, ActivPanel, ActivExpression, ActiVote, ActivSlate, ActiView and other Promethean interactive tools; also works with 3rd-party interactive displays.

Download ActivInspire

Download from Promethean Support.

Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7, 8.1 and 10
  • Mac OS X 10.7 - 10.11 (Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan)
  • Linux Ubuntu 12.04 (32-bit)

For Use With Third Party Products
To learn more about how ActivInspire Professional Edition Software can be used with third party products, please download this PDF.

Specification Sheet
Download the specification sheet to view more information.