Promethean partners with Radix to expand device management and security

Published: January 26th, 2021

Promethean and Radix deliver comprehensive device management for IT administrators, saving time and increasing productivity

Today at FETC 2021, Promethean®, a leading global education technology company, announced a premium device and application management solution for the seamless management of virtually any device in a school’s technology ecosystem. This new offering is the result of focused efforts between Promethean and Radix, a cutting-edge device management solution provider. This solution will directly reduce IT administrators’ work time and introduce new opportunities for efficient centralized remote control of devices, including the Promethean ActivPanel® Elements Series from a single web console.

As classrooms have seen rapid evolution over the last year, new guidelines required schools to quickly transform educational settings for remote and hybrid learning. This resulted in a proliferation of new edtech devices within educational ecosystems that were already complex. Managing all these devices and keeping them secure in hybrid and remote learning environments has never been more important.

Promethean Panel Management simplifies device management by deploying mass updates, grouping devices, and setting ActivPanel® Elements Series configurations. With the implementation of Radix VISO, users can greatly expand management to cover prior generations of ActivPanels and the ever-growing number of other devices within schools. Radix VISO device management and Promethean Panel Management together deliver comprehensive device management, allowing IT teams to manage growing infrastructures more efficiently while improving security and ensuring a seamless user experience.

“With the shifting education landscape, we knew our VISO device management solution would be a critical differentiator in schools having centralized control of their devices,” said Michael Shoham, Chief Executive Officer of Radix. “Through our partnership with Promethean, we’re enabling IT administrators the simplicity of control from a single location while saving them troubleshooting time at each screen. Additionally, our integration with all major OS’s ensures seamless management of all devices, processes, and stakeholders in one easy-to-use management platform.”

The best-in class-feature set of Promethean Panel Management with Radix VISO includes:

  • Centrally manage apps, OS settings, troubleshooting, and updates for all devices remotely
  • Apply and enforce school or district IT policies and regulations
  • Broadcast alerts and messages to devices
  • Simplify batch tasks and simultaneous workflow
  • Group and tag devices according to specific criteria
  • Analyze device, web, and app usage
  • Create geo-fences and device location perimeters
  • Lock, track, and wipe lost or stolen devices

“Promethean strives to understand and address the needs of its customers. Device and application management is evolving and quickly becoming a high priority for many customers.  With the addition of Radix VISO, Promethean users benefit from centralized control, added ease of use, and greater security with their Promethean ActivPanels as well as other devices,” said Steve Halliwell, Chief Product Officer at Promethean. “This solution brings users a streamlined management solution that saves money and time while increasing productivity for administrators, principals, and teachers.”

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