Promethean Panel Management

Promethean Panel Management saves time, money, and effort for school technology administrators by providing them with the ability to centrally and remotely manage all ActivPanel Elements series interactive displays within their organization. Administrators can ensure that ActivPanel Elements series panels are secure, and teachers have access to the latest Promethean firmware, software, and Classroom Essential apps.

Panel Management

Get full-featured device management with Radix

We’ve partnered with Radix to bring the full-featured VISO device management solution to the ActivPanel Elements series!

Request a demo to see how Radix VISO can help centrally manage many different devices, including tablets, laptops, Chromebooks, your ActivPanels, and more.

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Enroll Panels and Apply Configurations

Easily enroll ActivPanels with the myPromethean mobile companion app or through the myPromethean cloud-based portal. The portal also provides administrators with a convenient dashboard that can be used to create and apply panel configurations, including power management and network settings, from any location.

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My Promethean App

Easily View Device and User Details

The myPromethean portal allows administrators to keep track of all ActivPanel Elements series displays and users that are enrolled throughout the organization. View panel details such as model, serial number, and software version, as well as user roles and account statuses.

Apply Updates and Enhance Security

Organization or panel administrators can quickly and easily deploy remote updates through the myPromethean portal when new Promethean firmware, software, and app features become available for the ActivPanel Elements series. Updates can be applied when they become available or at a time that is convenient to the administrator.

Panel Management Security

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