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This site was designed to provide CPS with real-time resources to make the most of your Promethean ActivPanel to provide your staff and students with the best learning experience possible.

Chris Trott, Partnership Manager, CPS

As a former Michigan resident, and now based in Chicago, I’m excited to serve as the Promethean Partnership Manager for Chicago Public Schools since 2019. As someone whose family and friends are educators in K-12, I am passionate about helping educators, and students succeed in and out of the classroom. I have worked in the field of implementing technology into classrooms, and how to improve students educational outcomes for over a decade. I’m looking forward to working with you all at CPS.

Brittany Vernier, Promethean Education Consultant, CPS

Brittany has been working for Promethean for 3 years as an education consultant covering Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, South Dakota, and North Dakota with Roy Jones. Brittany taught Elementary Spanish for 5 years in the Twin Cities area. Originally from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, has lived in Minneapolis with her husband, Neil, and cat, Meow, for the past 10 years. When she is not working, she enjoys casual camping, biking, kayaking, and binging podcast and television series. Working for Promethean has kept her in the field of Education and appreciates her wonderful and supportive teammates and the great sense of community!

Promethean Professional Development Sample Plan

Promethean is excited to offer free ongoing Professional Development to schools in CPS. Professional Development is completely customizable to meet the specific needs of each site during the implementation and roll out of your Promethean solution.

Phase 1 – ActivPanel Orientation (75-90 minutes, whole group)

Teachers will learn the basics during a hands-on overview of their new ActivPanels. We cover all of the features in the unified menu, how to install apps, and how to connect wirelessly with Screen Share.

Phase 2 – Promethean Academy: Become a Promethean Certified Educator (2 hours, self-paced)

Teachers will create a free Promethean Academy account and take a two-hour course on all things Promethean. This will reinforce what was learned during the orientation and introduce teachers to our lesson delivery platforms, ActivInspire and ClassFlow.

Phase 3 – Follow Up In-Person Training (45-90 minutes, individual or small group)

Individualized training for teachers in 1-1, small group, or whole group settings to answer questions and improve workflow. Follow up training typically occurs during conference periods, grade level meetings, or afternoon PD.

Phase 4 – ActivInspire and/or ClassFlow Orientation (75 minutes, whole group)

Teachers will learn the basics of ActivInspire and/or ClassFlow and how these lesson delivery platforms can enhance instruction and increase student engagement in the classroom.

Phase 5 – Promethean Academy: ActivInspire and ClassFlow Courses (1-2 hours, self-paced)

Teachers will access on-demand content from Promethean Academy and Learn Promethean to strengthen their skill set. Content includes self-paced courses, a library of tutorial videos, and getting started guides.

Extended Learning Opportunity – Host a Promethean Summit (4 hours)

An in-depth day of PD to learn about all things Promethean with your whole staff! Additional Promethean Education Consultants will join us to host back-to-back sessions on a range of topics for learners of all levels. Great for pupil free PD days!

Your Promethean Education Consultant, Alex Thomas, will work with you on customizing your own Professional Development Plan.

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