teacher using an interactive display in the classroom

The classroom guide to interactive whiteboards: what they are and how to use them

An interactive whiteboard is this generation’s take on traditional whiteboards. Also known as digital whiteboards or smart whiteboards, these interactive displays are used in various classroom and educational settings to […]

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students taking a quiz using an interactive whiteboard

The best classroom quiz games and apps for your interactive whiteboard

Teachers are always looking for creative ways to engage with students, improve their understanding of a subject and make learning fun. One of the best ways to do this is […]

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maths classroom quiz with students engaged

The best math quizzes for students – perfect for interactive displays

A quiz is an excellent way to help your students learn and revise core elements of maths. Firing out questions using an engaging quiz can help them learn the complexities […]

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ESMS Junior School – Customer Story

We speak to Simon Luxford-Moore Head of eLearning about how the ActivPanel has been a core part of their teaching and learning over the last number of years.

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Healthier Heroes, Lancashire – Customer Story

Healthier Heroes in Lancashire was set up by Managing Director Andrew Powell and his wife to support homeless veterans. Healthier Heroes offers support in finding accommodation, along with health and […]

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Spire Junior School Customer Story

Spire Junior School in Derby were one of the lucky winners of Promethean’s Classroom Stories Competition back in 2019. Since then, they have adopted a full school install of Promethean […]

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classroom maths games

Maths games for key stage 3 (KS3)

Maths is one of the most essential subjects that students learn and, at Key Stage 3, it gets a little more complicated. Students will take the foundations built in KS2 […]

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KS3 English classroom reading literature

English games for Key Stage 3 (KS3)

Key Stage 3 is when many children improve upon their existing critical thinking skills and other English knowledge they gained during KS2. At 11-14 years old, children are starting to […]

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KS3 chemistry classroom

Science games for Key Stage 3 (KS3)

Key Stage 3 is when many subjects open up into whole new worlds. Science, in particular, is something that takes on a whole new lease of life at KS3. Not […]

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KS2 students playing an English game in the classroom

English games for KS2 students

As one of the core subjects for Key Stage Two, and one that will stay with students throughout their academic life, English lessons provide the foundation for their understanding and […]

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student and teacher playing a classroom math game

Maths games for Key Stage Two (KS2)

Developing maths skills is a vital part of the KS2 curriculum. Learning how to understand numbers and solve problems develops valuable skills that children will use for the rest of […]

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flipped learning classroom activity

How Technology Can Help with Flipped Learning

Introduced as a basic concept in 1993 by Alison King, the flipped learning model of teaching has evolved over the years and is now increasingly popular. And it’s easy to […]

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teacher using an interactive display in the classroom

Why you should put technology at the heart of all pedagogy teaching methods

You may well have heard the word pedagogy being thrown around in relation to teaching, and if you have, you’ve probably also heard it mentioned in relation to technology. What […]

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So gelingt digitaler Unterricht

Benefits of interactive whiteboards in the classroom

An interactive whiteboard is this generation’s take on traditional whiteboards. Also known as digital whiteboards or smart whiteboards, these interactive displays are used in a variety of classroom and educational […]

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blended learning classroom

Six blended learning examples and strategies for the classroom

Blending learning is something which has long been talked about as an optimal learning strategy. While it was already popular, there was a shift during 2020’s pandemic that meant blended […]

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the ultimate guide to edtech

What is ed tech? A complete guide.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in; there have been many technological advances in the recent decades that have made processes more efficient and streamlined. Educational institutions at every […]

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East Ayrshire Council – Champions of the Promethean ActivPanel

Following a recent major edtech investment, the Scottish council of East Ayrshire is one of the largest Promethean customers in the UK, with ActivPanels in every one of their 52 […]

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ultimate list of classroom games

The ultimate list of classroom games

Every student learns differently. For some, sitting and being dictated to by a teacher is just fine, but many respond more positively to gamification (using game design principles and elements […]

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A pedagogical philosophy of passion and positivity…

Truly believing that all students deserve the very best start in life, Spire Junior School in Derbyshire has an ethos that is centred around improving student outcomes and transforming learning […]

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Healthier Heroes pioneers supported housing strategy with the ActivPanel

Healthier Heroes Case Study Supported housing has a critical role to play in society, and is often the crucial step in helping homeless people return to the community. However, as […]

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benefits of technology in education

The benefits of technology in education

The classroom has changed dramatically in recent years. Sure, the overall concept is the same: a number of desks all facing the same way with a teacher at the front […]

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How much are schools spending on EdTech

Education Spends

Education spending (of which EdTech such as Promethean interactive displays and teaching software is just one area) is one of the most important things that taxpayer money goes towards, from […]

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how to measure the success of your edtech

Measuring Success

How to Measure Success of Your Edtech: It Might Not Be Easy, but It’s Possible A recent study shows two-thirds of edtech software licenses go unused – a huge chunk […]

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Finding a strategic edtech partner for our trust

A bit of background Cidari Multi Academy Trust was established in 2013 and is made up of eight primary schools and one secondary school. As the main Trust of Blackburn […]

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