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Published: March 8th, 2022

A quiz is an excellent way to help your students learn and revise core elements of maths. Firing out questions using an engaging quiz can help them learn the complexities of quadratic equations, the basics of multiplication and everything in between.

What’s better yet is that most of the classroom maths quizzes we’re about to cover can be used on an interactive display or interactive whiteboard. Just pull up the questions, click play and you’re good to go.

How to make a maths quiz for your class

There are a number of different ways you can put together a maths quiz for students. We’ve gone over our favourite classroom quiz apps already, which offer ready-made quizzes as well as simple tools to make your own, but it can be as simple as booting up MicrosoftTM PowerpointTM  or another presentation app and running through questions on your interactive display.

The type of maths quiz you create will likely depend on:

  • The age group and key stage of your students
  • The ability level of your students
  • The maths subjects you’re teaching

Once you know this, you then need to work out:

  • The format of your questions – are they going to be multiple choice, will any answers be displayed at all etc.
  • Whether you want to see workings or it’s simply a mental maths quiz
  • If you want students to work individually or in teams
  • Whether you want to reward your students at the end of the quiz, and if so, how

With these criteria in mind, we’re going to dive right into maths quiz ideas for the classroom.

Three KS2 maths quiz ideas

Maths at KS2 is still pretty simple, with students learning the basics of adding, subtracting, multiplication and measurement. This means that quizzes can be both quick to put together and fun for your class. You don’t need to do anything too complicated, but a few quick-fire questions could help reinforce key mathematical concepts.

1. All the fun of the fair! – BBC Teach

Your class will need a paper and pencil before you get started, but this is a video quiz perfect for sticking up on your interactive display. It’s 15 minutes long, so you’ll need a good chunk of time too. Your students will be challenged to beat the clock with a quickfire round, solve a few real-life problems at the funfair and finally juggle some numbers. Your students will need to apply addition, subtraction, multiplication and division on the go.

The BBC has a bunch of other quizzes too.

2. Place Value – Kahoot!

We touched on how great Kahoot! is in our round-up of quiz apps. This is a great example of a simple quiz that’s already been built. In the early stages of KS2 your class will be learning to ‘place value’ in numbers. This quiz gives them a series of numbers and challenges them with finding the place value in each. They’ll have 20 seconds per question. You can do this using your interactive display too, or simply print it out as a worksheet.

3. Boardmasters Revision Quiz for Year 6 – Twinkl

Perfect for those final preparations before the Year 6 KS2 SATs tests. You’ll divide your class into teams, print out activity sheets then stick the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation up on your interactive display. Students will have to answer questions on maths vocabulary and terminology, as well as identify prime numbers, factors, mixed numbers, basic equations, pie charts and irregular shapes. Right answers let them move over the game board and the winning team is the first to get all the way across.

Need more inspiration for Key Stage 2 maths? Check out our KS2 maths games.

Three KS3 maths quizzes

At KS3, things may start to get a little more complex, but maths quizzes can help simplify key elements. Algebra will be introduced along with more complex uses of numbers like fractions and units of mass or length. So will rations, proportion and rates of change. You’ll find pyhagores, the nth term and other concepts introduced here too. Quizzes can be used to help grasp these new maths concepts and embed them into your students’ minds.

1. KS3 Summer Maths Revision – Quizizz

Quizizz has a host of maths quizzes already in the platform, just like this one, but you can easily make your own too. This quiz focuses on multiple choice questions that test basic knowledge from across KS3 mathematics. Answer questions about factors, algebra and percentages as well as some real-life scenarios. Quizizz quizzes like this one are perfect for an interactive display too.

2. Algebraic Substitution – Kahoot!

This one keeps it super simple, you just need to solve the equation by substituting in the number for the letter and working out the answer. It’s a basic introduction to algebra and a good place to start. Plus with Kahoot you can invite your class to take part from their own devices, with the questions displayed on your interactive whiteboard.

3. Game Show Quiz – Wordwall

Wordwall has put together a basic maths quiz for KS3 that gets a little harder as you go along. Students will need to answer questions about multiplication, angles, shapes, simplification and algebra. The great thing about Wordwall is you can take the same quiz and turn it into different formats, from game shows to maze chases, all on your display.

Still need interactive lesson ideas for KS3? We’ve got a list of KS3 maths games to help.

Three GCSE maths quizzes for KS4

Maths at KS4 is all about preparing students for their biggest exams yet, their GCSEs, which means quizzes will play their part in revision. In the national curriculum for KS4 maths, your students will be expected to become more fluent when they solve problems. Algebra will introduce things like quadratic equations as well as use them to determine lines. You’ll take the basic concepts taught in KS3 and apply them to a new collection of uses within algebra, geometry and ratios. On top of this you’ll introduce the subject of statistics.

1. GCSE Higher Revision – Kahoot!

Test your students knowledge of all the concepts they’ve learnt across KS4 with this quiz. While it’s a little tougher and aimed at students towards the higher end, there is a GCSE foundation maths quiz available too. Set it up on your interactive whiteboard and your students can access the quiz from their devices, competing against each other and the clock to solve questions on diagrams, shapes, angles and equations.

2. GCSE revision test – CGP

The people behind the much loved revision books have a number of revision tests available online too. You’ll be able to select between ‘higher’ and ‘foundation’ then be given 10 minutes to complete the test. At the end it’ll run you through all the answers.

3. GCSE Maths Foundation Revision – Quizalize

Another great quiz app is Quizalize. They offer the ability to make quizzes but have a number of maths quizzes already available, like this one for GCSE maths foundation revision. Just answer the questions against the clock!

More classroom quizzes and games

If you’re still on the hunt for more inspiration, we’re here to help. We’ve got a collection of interactive whiteboard resources available to help you find the best classroom quizzes and games for maths, English and science across all key stages.

Activating your maths quizzes with an interactive display

Each math quiz for kids that we’ve highlighted above is perfect for the Promethean ActivPanel interactive display. They either have an app of their own that you can load right onto your display or you can use them in a browser! It couldn’t be easier to present a quiz to your whole classroom or even share it with them remotely. 

Are you interested in learning more or getting an ActivPanel interactive display for your classroom? Speak with a Promethean expert and request your free demo today!