History Quizzes For Interactive Whiteboards

students using technology to take a quiz in the classroom

Published: July 5th, 2022

Quizzes have been an excellent classroom resource for decades, and thanks to interactive whiteboards, classrooms are becoming even more mentally stimulating for students.

In our guide, we have uncovered some of the most popular and creative quizzes to help make your history lessons educational and fun.

If you are looking for further inspiration, we also have several other interactive whiteboard resources for the classroom. 

How To Make A Great History Quiz For Kids

Here are some tried and tested top tips to ensure your history quiz for your students is a winner.

  • Don’t overcomplicate things; keep it short and snappy, if possible.
  • Consider your design; will questions be opened or closed, etc.?
  • Don’t let the questions get too hard, allow your students the chance to score well. But that’s not to say you can’t throw in a few more difficult bonus questions at the end!
  • You can use additional interactive tools, which you can use to prep the quiz in just a few minutes. Mentimeter is brilliant presentation software that you can use on your interactive whiteboard.
  • Allow students adequate time to answer the questions.
  • When revisiting the answers, take a moment to explain why the answer is what it is, and allow students to ask questions if there is time.
  • Lastly, always ask your students – no matter what age they are – for feedback on what they enjoyed and didn’t like so much about the quiz, so you take this on board for any future interactive quizzes.

If you don’t want to create your quiz, however, there are many more quizzes online that you can use on your whiteboard display to get the best results from your students.

History Quizzes For KS2

KS2 quizzes are simple, practical, and fun to complete.

Horrible Histories WW2 Quiz

Horrible Histories is an extremely popular show here in the UK, and what better way to introduce your 7 – 11-year-olds to World War II than with a quiz featuring the same comical format so loved in the series.

Heroic Home Front is a quiz consisting of 10 questions to test your students’ Second World War knowledge and have some fun.

Ancient Egypt Quiz

Teachers can test their students by having them answer these ten multi-choice questions all about Ancient Egypt.

Although the website design is basic, photos are incorporated with questions to encourage student recall. Answers are submitted one by one, with the player being told straightaway whether they chose the correct answer or not, leaving time for you, the educator, to explain the rationale behind the answer.


Education Quizzes doesn’t just have one quiz for those studying at Key Stage 3 level, but 35 different history quizzes for you to take your pick from.

Topics include The Spanish Armada, King Henry VIII and the rest of the Tudors, Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt, and more recently, World War II.

History Quizzes For KS3

KS3 quizzes allow your students to think more in-depth, using their developing analytical skills.

The Reformation Quiz

This quiz focuses solely on the Tudors, including questions about King Henry VIII and his six wives, including Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard, and Jane Seymour, and how the Crown affected daily life and politics.

It also tests students’ knowledge of how the Reformation came to be and the impact this had on the parliament of Britain and wider Britain as a whole.

The Suffragettes Quiz

In this ten-part quiz, students will get the opportunity to answer questions and assess their knowledge of the Suffragettes, such as: What was the difference between suffragettes and suffragists? And, who was the first woman to go on hunger strike?

Once the answers are logged, and the correct answer is given, if the students have answered correctly, a percentage will pop up behind each correct answer, informing players of how many people got the answer right.

History Extra Quizzes

History Extra Quizzes are a fun and informal way to test kids’ knowledge of varied history topics. And there are dozens of these to choose from; from how much you know about the French Revolution, can you spot the real medical remedies to how much you know about the Titanic and how well you know your warships?

Each quiz is compiled of ten questions, with the correct answer highlighted in green if students give the incorrect answer.

History Quizzes For KS4/GCSE

KS4 quizzes provide the perfect revision practice for those all-important exams, as well as allowing kids to burn some stress and enjoy revising.

Nazi Germany Kahoot!

Kahoot! offers numerous interactive games for students, with the most popular involving Nazi Germany, Weimar Republic, and the Second World War. Kids can access the game via tablets synced to the game on the whiteboard. They can play in teams or individually to try and win the quiz.

Educators can also create their own, designed exactly the way they want. For instance, the format, questioning, and the number of questions are determined by you. As well as, you can add any number of visuals for a more immersive experience, like videos, graphs, pie charts, images, and any other type you wish.

Tutor2U Revision Quizzes

There are lots of quizzes at Tutor2U that will allow students to assess their knowledge and understanding of events, key facts, and dates they have been taught in their lessons at the GCSE level.

Large sections, including Russian history, British history, Nazi Germany, and the Cold War era, have been specifically designed for many of the GCSE syllabuses used across Britain.

The incorrect answers are not given, so students can have as many attempts to choose the correct answer out of four. This allows teachers to discuss the answers with students at the end of the quiz, ensuring that students know where they have gone wrong.

Education Quizzes

As we have seen previously, Education Quizzes also provide for students studying history at less advanced levels. But they also have 100 sets of trivia questions to test kids’ knowledge at KS4. Each quiz gives an overview of the subject matter before kids start the quiz.

Each of them is ten questions long and makes excellent prep in the run-up to mock GCSE exams or the real thing.

Why Use Interactive Quizzes In The Classroom?

Thanks to an interactive quiz, what could be better than getting students excited and keen to learn? As well as making learning fun, they are a very effective tool for assessing student knowledge and creating a more laid-back classroom atmosphere.

It allows teachers to change their teaching techniques and will enable children to switch up their usual history lessons with something interactive and equally immersive!

A quiz can be used for a variety of different activities, from ice breakers, both informal and formal tests, to trivia questions as part of the last day of term. They can also be invaluable tools in breaking up a particularly tough lesson with lots to get through and allowing children, both younger children and teenagers, to work collaboratively on finding the answers.

Interactive quizzes on a smartpanel are also ideal for getting a class discussion going which can spark lots of debate and discussion.

They also lead to an increase in motivation to learn. Suppose a student is aware that they will be tested, however informally, in front of their peers in the form of an interactive quiz. In that case, their instinct will likely be to try and absorb as much of the information being presented to them as possible.

So, whether students are discovering how the Great Fire of London started, remembering how many wives King Henry VIII had, the voyages of Christopher Columbus, the man caught red-handed attempting to blow up the Monarch in 1570, or who built the Taj Mahal, kids will have fun and enjoy the process of learning and understanding.

Benefits Of Using Interactive Boards In The Classroom

Here are just a few of the main benefits of using an interactive whiteboard in the classroom.

1. Enhance the learning experience

Students can engage by seeing, hearing, and interacting with the whiteboard, and it allows educators to discover new, exciting and innovative ways to teach history.

2. Interactive learning

As discussed, an interactive whiteboard allows kids to be present, motivated and tuned in to what is taught. This is why class quizzes are so beneficial.

A student that is aware that they will be tested with a set of trivia questions in a class setting on the material they have just been taught is much more likely to take notice of the information in front of them.

3. A flexible approach

Learn your way, thanks to the flexibility an interactive whiteboard can offer. You can get as creative as you wish, using illustrations, videos, films, maps, and quizzes.

4. Above all; effective

When interactive whiteboards are used in a classroom setting, children become more attentive; that’s a fact. A recent study has found that when used in a meaningful way, interactive whiteboards can motivate students and help to support learning.

Engage Your Students With A High-Quality Interactive Display

As we all know, children, no matter what age, learn more when having fun. And with an interactive whiteboard from Promethean World, kids can learn in an engaging and motivational educational environment.

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