Creating Transformation Classrooms

Creating transformation classrooms

Published: August 21st, 2023

Join us on a transformation journey

Imagine a learning environment where all the tools a teacher needs are seamlessly connected. It’s a space that protects time for planning, collaboration, and engagement that makes lasting insights possible. Here, the technology disappears—to be replaced by a personalised, intuitive experience in which every student gets their chance to shine.

We call this the transformation classroom. And we can’t create it without you.

A new guide for a new education landscape

As a company with a mission to transform the way the world learns and collaborates, we’re thrilled to bring you Creating Transformation Classrooms: a strategic guide to how today’s digital tools are empowering educators and strengthening the teacher-student bond.

Creating Transformation Classrooms is a presentation you can make your own. Use it to further your school’s edtech conversation and evaluate digital solutions with confidence.

In the guide, we cover:

  • The 3 key attributes of transformation classrooms. Learn how they drive student engagement, how they support social-emotional learning, and how you can bring them to your own school community, starting now.
  • The 5 teacher-centric design priorities of our all-new flagship display. From simplicity to enhanced security, the engineering behind ActivPanel 9 answers directly to the input of 1,300 teachers whom we interviewed about their edtech needs.

Download Creating Transformation Classrooms – and start your transformation journey today…