Geography Quizzes For Interactive Whiteboards

teacher and student using the Promethean ActivPanel for a Geography lesson in the classroom

Published: July 6th, 2022

Quizzes can be a fantastic way to make learning interesting and fun, helping students revise their understanding of the earth while also learning new geographical information without ever feeling like they’re in class.

The quizzes we will look at today cover a range of topics from countries and capital cities and population numbers to environmental and natural subjects. With these quizzes, the sheer breadth of information you can introduce to your class provides a simple, innovative, and fun challenge that will take your teaching to the next level.

Plus, all of the quizzes we’ll look at today use an interactive whiteboard, so not only is all the work done for you, but the finish is polished and captivating, offering a professional quiz for your students with minimal effort on your part. In this guide we’ll cover how to make great geography quizzes for your class, as well as geography quiz resources from KS2 right up to G.C.S.E. 

If you are looking for further inspiration, we also have several other interactive whiteboard resources for the classroom. 

How To Make A Great Geography Quiz For Your Class

You’ll want to consider several things when preparing a geography quiz for your students. These are:

  • The topics your students have covered
  • Their age group and key stage
  • The level of their abilities

Once you’ve considered these factors, you’ll be able to work out the format you want your quiz to take. You can decide whether you want closed or multiple-choice questions and whether your students will work in teams with their friends.

You will also be able to pinpoint and select the correct geography topics for their studies, tailor making the quiz to suit their needs.

The topic of geography is more expansive than many students anticipate but is often taught in an uninspiring way that doesn’t convey the depth of its scope. There’s more to geography than how many countries are in Europe or which has the largest population.

Using a quiz can help uncover fascinating information about Geography. Such as:

  • Where is the longest river in the world found?
  • How many volcanoes form Mount Vesuvius Overlooks?
  • Which country has the longest coastline?
  • Where is the most modern Italian city?

With all that in mind, let’s take a look at some of these excellent resources and see how they can benefit you and your students.

Geography Quizzes For KS2

KS2 EducationQuizzes

If you’re teaching KS2 and looking for a comprehensive quiz resource, you can’t ask for much more than the spread on KS2 EducationQuizzes.

These quizzes aim to give a general idea of the depth of the topic of geography with interesting topics this study of the earth covers.

21 different multiple choice quizzes cover topics ranging from recycling to weather, as well as two quizzes on map skills. They also offer more specific topics, such as India, Britain, or which countries have the largest coastline.

The multiple-choice element also adds an exciting element of problem solving and competition.

Countries Across The World

This quiz takes a map of the world, highlights certain countries, and then asks for information on the highlighted areas. Your students will be given multiple-choice questions so they can give their answers separately or as teams in a fastest-finger-first style or by comparing answers at the end.

You can select specific countries or continents from around the world, tailoring the quiz so it asks about your chosen topic or the only country you want.

By using a map, students can show you their current geographical knowledge clearly, allowing you to take notes and address any weaknesses in their understanding in future classes. It also allows an extensive amount of topics from what major city is the capital, what countries are in what continent and where their borders are or what well-known river flows through them.

Map Reading Quiz

This quiz provides more practical knowledge as students discover the features of map reading.

You can adjust the format of each quiz, whether it’s the amount of time students have to answer, the number of questions they’re given, and how many lives they have until they’re out. This allows an excellent amount of freedom when scaling the quiz to your class as you test their knowledge of map reading.

The test offers a variety of different features of environments around the globe, such as the city, coastline, countryside, and rivers, showing students that a simple grasp of coordinates can take them far.

Geography Quizzes For KS3

Lizard Point Geography Quizzes

Lizard Point offers a fantastic amount of creativity and flexibility when choosing your topics, making it a valuable resource you can return to time and again with a different selection of questions every time.

You can select from a range of continents or categories, including Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, Cities, or Water. You can even choose a specific city or river, allowing you to cast your net as wide or as narrow as you like as you customise your quiz to suit your needs.

Once you choose a topic, you can narrow down the areas the quiz will touch on. Let’s say you choose the Americas; you can select or deselect whether you want Canada or Mexico included in the quiz or any country for that matter. You can narrow the topic down, so it only includes California or how many states or time zones there are in the USA.

If your class is studying water, you can narrow the topic down to that and compile your own quiz to cover which river flows through what city or the various aspects of a coastline.

The scope of freedom is excellent, and if you make a quiz you are especially proud of, you can share it with Lizard Point for other teachers to use.

European Physical Geography

This geography quiz will test your class’s knowledge of specific geographical features across the continent, strengthening their knowledge of physical geographical ideas.

The specificity of the topic allows students to learn detailed information about countries across Europe. Examples of information they might pick up include which river flows through Paris or if the Pyrenees separate Germany, France, Spain, and Portugal.

KS3 Geography General Knowledge

This extensive, 40-slide test is perfect for a fun end-of-term assessment covering a comprehensive list of topics.

The seven rounds cover countries including Thailand, Spain, China, and Australia, to name just a few. It also touches on compass directions, global warming, and various physical geographical features such as mountains, waterfalls, and weather.

It uses a range of quirky visual elements to get students thinking instead of simply using multiple-choice questions, adding a level of creativity to the problem-solving.

Geography Quizzes For KS4/GCSE

Tutor2U Key Topic Quizzes

This series of quizzes covers all key areas of GCSE geography, from various ecosystems to natural and weather hazards, as well as specific elements of the physical landscape of the UK, such as the population, river landscapes, and city development.

The 16 quizzes have 20 questions, each focusing on useful information that students may need during final exams. They offer hundreds of questions that students can run through multiple times, either in class with friends or during their own study time.

Earthquakes Test Quiz

If you’re covering earthquakes this term, this quick refresher quiz covers all the salient points, showing your students the important bits of information they should be remembering, such as earthquake preparation measures and the causes of this natural disaster.

Quizlet GCSE Revision

Signing up to this page takes less than a minute, and once you’re in, you’ll have access to an extensive list of quizzes with either flashcards or practice test questions covering a huge range of topics.

Landscapes of the UK, changing cities, resource management, and detailed looks at countries around the globe such as Spain, India, and China or river landscapes and the sea are just a few of the huge range of knowledge available on Quizlet.

The quizzes can be adjusted to suit specific needs and identify gaps in learning for individual students as they check their answers.

Why Use Interactive Quizzes In The Classroom?

Competition is a great way of bringing out the best in students, whether they’re competing against other classmates or themselves and a quiz is a great way to encourage the best out of your students.

The sheer range of topics covered by the list of interactive quizzes we’ve gone through today offers a comprehensive knowledge of everything you students need to know come exam time. From how many time zones are in the world or specific countries to what river runs through which capital city or which areas have the largest population, there’s no limit to the way you can organise quizzes to suit your class’s needs.

The ability to see their answers as you go gives you a sign of your students’ exact learnings so you can prepare future classes accordingly.

Bring Your Lessons To Life With An Interactive Display

All of the above quizzes are perfectly suited to the capabilities of the Promethean ActivPanel display. Each has an app of its own, or you can simply access them via a browser or PowerPoint. This ease of access allows you to bring up these fun, varied, and invaluable study tools smoothly and quickly.Built-in screen mirroring allows students to complete the quiz on their own devices while still seeing information on the panel. You can also use the built-in timer app to display a countdown for an added level of competition. It’s never been easier to make learning fun and memorable.

If you’re interested in taking your class’s geography practice to the next level, speak with a Promethean expert and book your free demo today.