13 Interactive whiteboard apps for maths lessons

teacher using a math app on an interactive whiteboard in the classroom

Published: April 5th, 2022

Maths is a very visual, and oftentimes complicated subject.  These 13 interactive whiteboard apps for students make learning easy, engaging, and fun.

Using all the best methods and tools, such as maths vocabulary cards or focusing on mental maths skills, the best maths apps are the ones that not only educate but stimulate and engage the child’s mind.

Effective learning is not simply answering maths questions. Learning, especially in today’s world, requires the appropriate combination of technology and information delivered in an interactive way. That’s where these apps come in. They’re perfect for your interactive display.

This is a list of tools and resources that satisfy national curriculum standards and that both you and your students can rely upon for effective, fun, and productive learning.

1. Miner Birds: Fractions

Fractions can be scary; they don’t even look like regular numbers! But, Miner Birds: Fractions uses interesting exercises with interactive whiteboards to make it fun and easy for younger children. Simply help the chicken collect worms, and as they get more worms, the learning experience progresses with more advanced and difficult problems.

Students can play alone or in multiplayer mode. The first child to collect 20 worms wins! Five levels of difficulty are included to suit all levels of learning for kids ages 5-11 in KS1 and KS2.

Download or simply learn more about Miner Birds: Fractions from the Busy Things website – it’s perhaps the best maths app for KS2 students.

2. Komodo Math

For a larger variety of maths skills with more teacher, parent and student interaction, the Komodo Math app is one of the best maths apps for your classroom. Komodo Math begins with a teacher creating a lesson plan suited for the student’s ability. Parents can increase engagement by allowing their children to use this app at home and decide and define what the rewards will be.

The Komodo Maths app is a valuable learning centre covering all the key maths skills: number counting and recognition, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, including times tables, fractions, decimals, and percentages all in a non-trivial yet challenging and developmental way. Perfect for all levels of learning in the 5 to 11 age group.

To download or learn more about Komodo Math, go to the Educational App Store website.

3. Play:Adding

For a maths app that covers basic operations, Play:Adding is a great choice. This app only focuses on the key skills of addition and subtraction. It is genuinely interactive and engages students as if maths is a game.

You can monitor student progress as well as how much time they spend learning. And, Play:Adding is not only a free app but also free of in-game adverts and purchases, so your students will neither be distracted nor bombarded by inappropriate material. Play:Adding has 13 levels for children ages 5 to 8.

Play:Adding is available for download at the Educational App Store website.

4. Maths Whizz

Maths Whizz is an online virtual tutor that interacts with your students just as a human tutor would. The Maths Whizz tutor identifies each child’s ability and creates a specifically tailored learning experience for them.

Maths Whizz covers maths from Foundation to Year 8 and begins with identifying the child’s specific “Math Age” and then progressing from there. So you don’t need to know exactly what each child’s strengths and weaknesses are, Maths Whizz will, and begin addressing them from the start.

Go to the Educational App Store website to find out more or to download the Maths Whizz app.

5. DoodleMaths

It’s important that maths apps help stimulate a child’s mental maths skills. DoodleMaths is designed to improve a child’s confidence while teaching essential maths skills. The DoodleMaths begins by learning each child’s strengths and weaknesses and then creates engaging maths practice for them.

DoodleMaths offers a subscription-based service that provides access and support to students as well as parents via the Parent Dashboard, an online analytics and tracking hub. Accessible across multiple devices (desktop, mobile and tablet devices), DoodleMaths is fully curriculum-aligned for KS1, KS2 and KS ages 4 to 14.

The DoodleMaths app is available at the Educational App Store – it could be the best KS3 maths app!

6. Rocket Math

Rocket Math utilises a fast-paced online game environment in which children master core maths skills one milestone at a time. Rocket Math provides both maths education and structured time management with intense learning intervals of five minutes which then require a 30-minute break. This makes it a maths app your KS3 students will love!

The gameplay has students answering maths questions quickly in a wide range of maths facts, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Before long, students will be able to visualise correct answers instantly. Rocket Math is rated for ages 5 and over and is also free to use.

To learn more about Rocket Math, or to download this maths answer app, go to the Educational App Store website.

7. Prodigy Math Game

An adaptive approach to maths problems and problem-solving, Prodigy Math Game develops maths skills using a fantasy-based maths game. Through interactive quests, students master mathematics while trying to collect rewards.

Prodigy Math Game is a complete and comprehensive maths learning centre fully aligned with all key curricula, including common core state standards. The app teaches over 900 essential maths skills for grades 1 to 8.

You can download the Prodigy Math Game app on the Educational App Store website.

8. Math Makers

For a different approach to maths, Math Makers teaches elementary students math operations, such as counting, place value, fractions, multiplication, and division, but in a physics-based puzzle-solving method.

Creating the perfect balance between gameplay and learning, Math Makers doesn’t feel like learning, but students can’t help becoming smarter. Using animated animals, children ages 4 to 10 learn entirely through sight and sound.

Download or simply learn more about the Math Makers app from the Educational App Store website.

9. Vegetable Maths Masters

Is both maths and getting your students to eat vegetables a challenge? Problem solved with Vegetable Maths Masters! This app combines learning maths with developing healthy eating habits, as your class can choose from a variety of characters and then feed them vegetables. Available in three levels for children aged 3-4 years, 5-6 years and 7 years plus.

If you are ready to get your students to love both their maths and their vegetables, go to the Educational App Store website and download the Vegetable Maths Masters app!

10. Marble Math Multiplication

Learn maths as you navigate through a marble maze. The app allows you the flexibility to customise times tables so you can create specific lessons for your classroom. Designed for elementary students and the gameplay provides several interesting exercises for practising all multiplication tables from 1 to 12.

To learn more or to download the Marble Math Multiplication app, go to the Google Play store.

11. Moose Math by Duck Duck Moose

A maths app with a mission, Moose Math by Duck Duck Moose takes your children on a mathematical adventure in learning. It provides maths challenges in counting, addition, subtraction, sorting, and geometry that are all fully aligned with the curriculum and a report card for parents.

It offers five levels of play in which correct answers earn rewards that kids can use to build their own city, perfect for ages 3 to 7.

Download the Moose Math by Duck Duck Moose app from the Google Play Store.

12. Khan Academy

Having revolutionised online learning from the day it began, Khan Academy remains a leader and innovator in online education with the goal of providing everyone with a world-class education for free.

More than a maths app or game, but instead a virtual academy, Khan Academy offers pre-schoolers to high school students ample practice as they engage in their own learning or are directed by a parent or teacher. With every level and type of maths problem to study, Khan Academy is genuinely a one-size-fits-all option.

Sign up for or simply learn more about the Khan Academy on their official website.

13. Feed the Monkey

Perfect for young students as a first maths apps experience, Feed the Monkey teaches counting and number recognition through games in which the student needs to feed the monkey.

You can choose what range of number recognition or counting to practice and the method; spoken, visual, or both. Then, if the monkey wants four burgers, students will need to count out the correct amount. Basic, easy, fun, and engaging, a perfect app for KS1 and KS2 students.

If your students are ready to Feed the Monkey, go to the Busy Things website to download the app.

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Maths apps on interactive displays

Math apps can make your lessons even more engaging, and  help unravel the complex aspects of maths your students are struggling with.  Each of these maths apps can be used on the Promethean ActivPanel display, so you can use them in the classroom with ease.

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