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Published: February 1st, 2022

Maths is one of the most essential subjects that students learn and, at Key Stage 3, it gets a little more complicated. Students will take the foundations built in KS2 around numbers and start building on them, developing their maths skills and learning a host of new terms and methodologies. You’ll move on from the basics of times tables and add key topics like algebra, whole numbers and statistics.

 Key Stage 3 aims to make your students fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics. The goal is to put your students in a position where they can recall key concepts and apply them to everyday life quickly and accurately. They’ll be able to reason mathematically and show their written method if required, along with a justification and proof. 

We’ll run you through several fun maths games for Key Stage 3to help your students do just that in this piece. We’ve put together a list that encompasses all the critical subjects of the Key Stage 3maths curriculum. These are perfect maths games for an interactive display, but we also have a selection of maths resources available in our lesson delivery software.

What is taught in key stage 3 maths?

In Key Stage 3 maths, your students will learn to develop fluency, reason mathematically and solve problems. They’ll be expected to apply each of these to every subject they’re taught in maths between years 7-9 and beyond. The topics they’ll be taught in Key Stage 3 maths include:

  • Numbers, including:
    • Decimals, measures & integers
    • Use symbols like =,> and ≥ confidently
    • Understand prime numbers, factors, multiples and other number properties
    • Apply written methods to integers and decimals plus proper and improper fractions
    • Equivalent fractions
    • Use integer powers
    • Percentages
    • Units of mass, length, time, money and other measures
    • Round numbers and approximation
  • Algebra, including:
    • The introduction of algebraic notation like ab or 3x, plus the use of brackets and fractions
    • The substitution of numerical value into formulae
    • Simplifying equations and expressions
    • Solving linear equations
    • Plot linear grapes and quadratic graphs
    • Understand the nth term
  • Ration, proportion & rates of change, including
    • Change between units like time and length
    • Using scale factors
    • Understanding fractions and how they apply to quantities
    • Using ratio notation
    • Solve problems that include percentage change
    • Understanding compound units

This is just scratching the surface of what your students will be undertaking in their lessons. Pupils will need to understand all sorts of things from multiplication through to algebraic equations, percentages and the Pythagoras theorem. This list of educational maths games will help your class practice the maths skills they are learning during your lessons.

Seven games for key stage 3 mathematics

Each maths game applies to crucial topics within the Key Stage 3 syllabus. We hope your students have fun and that you can get your children thinking about things from a whole new angle.

Number & integers: Minus Miners

A game made by students at King Edward VI School in Stratford-upon-Avon is perfect for students at the younger end of Key Stage 3. Complete several negative equations to manoeuvre your miner through the tunnels and collect the coins. It’s ideal for individual players or an interactive whiteboard and the whole class.

Integers: Yes/No guessing game

This is a great game to help people understand basic properties like prime numbers, multiples and square numbers. Each player needs to choose five numbers, and then players get to ask a series of questions about that number’s properties (i.e. is it a multiple of 3?). They can only be answered ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If the answer is ‘yes’,, they get to ask again; if it’s ‘no’ then the questioner changes. Correctly guessing a number gets you 1 point and the first to 5, wins!

Algebra: Algebra Noodle

Pull up a giant board game on your interactive whiteboard and let your class complete equations against the computer. You have to roll your die, move your figure and solve equations to see who gets to the end first.

Ratio, proportion and rates of change: Reverse Percentages

This activity deck packs a punch. With 11 slides containing different reverse percentage problems, it’s been designed to work on your interactive display. Students need to work out the correct multiplier and then calculate the original value. You can do this in teams or individually, with the activity on your interactive whiteboard.

Geometry and measures: Geometry Bingo

Another PowerPoint that’s perfect for your interactive whiteboard. This turns shapes and geometry into a fun game of bingo. Your students must answer questions to play. They’ll learn all about the area, perimeter, angles, volume and all kinds of other aspects of shapes and geometry.

Probability: Spinners

This interactive activity is perfect for the whole classroom. Stick your spinners up on your interactive display, spin the wheels a few times and then get your class to make predictions. They can write down a hypothesis and track relative frequency in the bar chart. You can encourage discussion and help students understand probability. Once they’re ready for something more advanced, you can also move on to another spinner game.

Statistics: Bar Charts

Bar charts are a great place to start when you’re teaching students about data handling. This interactive game lets you choose difficulty levels, create bar charts and then challenge the class to answer questions about the data and statistics on show. Can they interpret the data?

Discover more games for key stage 3 students

Whatever year group in Key Stage 3 you’re teaching, whether it’s maths, English or science, using gamification can help them grasp a new concept. If you’re looking for something to help make more than just the next great mathematician, we’ve got the resources to help. Try our classroom games for KS3, or check out our lesson delivery software for more games, activities and lesson plans.

Maths games on interactive displays

The list of maths games and activities we’ve compiled above can almost all be played on a  Promethean interactive display. You can either download online games directly to your display or use a projector to guide your students through the activities. Many can even be mirrored to your students on devices, engaging your pupils while they learn.

Are you interested in learning more? Speak with a Promethean expert and request your FREE demo today! 

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