South Ayrshire teachers are UK’s first to be awarded ‘Certified Trainer’ status by edtech giant Promethean.

Published: June 20th, 2022

12 teaching staff from South Ayrshire will now train other teachers to maximise the potential of Promethean edtech in the classroom

Scotland’s South Ayrshire Council is celebrating end-of-term achievements by 12 local teaching staff, who are the first in the UK to complete a ‘train the trainer’ programme established by global education technology company Promethean.

The programme aims to establish sustainable communities of local experts who can share the skills and knowledge needed to make the most of the Promethean ActivPanel.

ActivPanel is a powerful, teacher-friendly interactive display with lesson delivery software and tools. It helps teachers engage students in the classroom and support those learning from home. The panels are installed across all eight primary clusters and eight secondary schools in the council area.

Creating a bank of local experts will make South Ayrshire’s schools more self-sufficient using Promethean’s world-class education technology. It also gives all teachers ongoing access to training and support, whether they are new to their role and the ActivPanel or require a refresher.

The ‘train the trainer’ programme is one element of South Ayrshire’s drive to equip teachers with the skills and confidence to make the most of their edtech. Teachers are also encouraged to tap into on-demand training sessions through Learn Promethean, Promethean’s online virtual professional learning platform. And the council has created its own digital support hub, where teachers and trainers in South Ayrshire can ask questions and share their knowledge.

South Ayrshire certified trainers have already been involved in the delivery of a series of practical webinars across Scotland, sharing best-practice for teaching with the ActivPanel.

South Ayrshire Council was an early adopter of interactive displays and has worked closely with Promethean for two decades to ensure it delivers the best learning experiences for its students.

“We had a vision 20 years ago, to deliver outstanding education through empowered learning experiences. It’s not enough to make a one-off investment in technology and expect it to deliver a positive impact – there needs to be a long-term strategy,” explains Lynn Robertson, Education Projects and ICT Co-ordinator at South Ayrshire Council.

“Promethean is instrumental in helping us to not only level the playing field of our edtech estate but also foster a community that ensures our educators can access excellent professional learning opportunities and support,” she continues.

Jim Wallis, Head of UKI Market at Promethean, added: “South Ayrshire Council is leading the way in the UK with its best use of edtech. The local authority has always been open to innovative ways to improve their use of technology in the classroom, and these 12 newly-qualified trainers will help ensure teachers can use the full teaching potential of the ActivPanel.”