Beatlie School empowers student independence with ActivPanel LX

Beatlie School empowers student independence with ActivPanel LX

Beatlie School in West Lothian, Scotland, provides specialist education for pupils ages 3 to 18 with severe and complex support and profound medical needs. Beatlie uses Promethean panels a little […]

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engaging with EAL students in the classroom

How can technology be used for instant assessment?

With so much disruption to education over the last several years, accurate information about a student’s current level of understanding is especially crucial to ensuring all students achieve their full […]

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ActivPanel LX guide

How to Upgrade Your Classroom Technology on a Budget

Technology is intrinsic to schooling: from streamlining processes to increasing student engagement, there are countless benefits to leveraging ed-tech in your classroom. With this being said, investing in new education […]

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students and teachers using technology in the classroom

Improving Teacher Knowledge of Technology in the Classroom

With technology advancing at such a quick rate, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest edtech and software. Adjusting to these changes and maximising the use of […]

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university students using technology in a class lecture

How to Use Technology in Higher Education Lectures

Technology is an integral part of education, from supporting remote learners. Embracing technology has become more than just an option for lecturers and tutors; it’s a necessity. As a dedicated […]

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preschool using an interactive whiteboard in the classroom

The Best Interactive Whiteboard Games for Preschool Children

In today’s digital age, interactive whiteboard games have become an invaluable tool for engaging and educating preschool students. These games offer a unique blend of entertainment and learning, allowing young […]

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student speaking at the front of the classroom

How To Encourage Public Speaking in Children

Public speaking is an important skill for children to learn. It allows them to express themselves clearly and can help improve their academic performance and personal growth. Whether it’s giving […]

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university students engaged in the lecture hall

How to Accommodate Different Learning Styles in Higher Education

Ensuring different learning styles are catered to is crucial to the success of your students, regardless of their age.  In higher education and at university, the majority of students are […]

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student and teacher using an interactive whiteboard in the classroom

How Do Interactive Whiteboards Meet Individual Learner Needs?

Over the years, the interactive whiteboard has become an integral part of classrooms. Still, its usefulness often gets overlooked, resulting in the technology not being utilised to its full capacity. […]

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Creating transformation classrooms

Creating Transformation Classrooms

Join us on a transformation journey Imagine a learning environment where all the tools a teacher needs are seamlessly connected. It’s a space that protects time for planning, collaboration, and […]

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Kinaesthetic learner in action

How to Teach Children with a Kinaesthetic Learning Style

There is no right or wrong way to process information. Everyone has a preferred way of learning, from looking at images to simply observing demonstrations. Kinaesthetic learners understand information better […]

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Which‌ ‌classroom‌ ‌tech‌ ‌trends‌ ‌are‌ ‌on‌ ‌your‌ ‌2024 ‌roadmap?‌ ‌

After the changes to education over the last few years, the use of classroom technologies has shifted to education results, attainment, and online safety.   At a time when budgets are […]

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Three tips on future-proofing your classroom with technology

Edtech has always been fundamental in creating a dynamic classroom environment with continuous opportunities for student interaction. To foster greater student engagement in the classroom and unlock exciting new activities […]

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Schoolwide ActivPanel upgrade makes cross-curricular headway

Saint Brigid’s National School in Dublin, is a Catholic co-educational primary school that champions connectivity and forward thinking. Having experienced the benefits of Promethean solutions since 2003, the school recently […]

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UK State of Tech

How are teachers supporting social-emotional needs this year?

For the second year in a row, the majority of educators who contributed their experiences and opinions to the State of Technology in Education report put social-emotional learning (SEL) at […]

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Blackburn Rovers Sports College: from presentation to education with the ActivPanel

Blackburn Rovers Sports College specialises in delivering business and sports courses for young people aged 16-24 who are not in employment, education, or training. The charity-run college provides a variety […]

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Classroom lightbulb moments with the ActivPanel

The ActivPanel is a front-of-class display designed to empower teachers, but that doesn’t mean students don’t benefit as well. In fact, our customer stories about the schools and communities we […]

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school leaders value edtech

Do school leaders see the value of edtech this year?

This year has been another tumultuous one for school leaders. After adapting to hybrid and remote learning, a new challenge has caused disruption across the school community: staffing shortages. The […]

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right edtech for school needs

Finding the right edtech to meet school needs

In education, everyone has their own goals. To decide which edtech to invest in, you need to look at the requirements of your whole school community – teachers, leaders, IT […]

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university classroom

How to Use Interactive Whiteboards in Higher Education

With the emergence of new technologies to enhance the teaching process, there is a huge push for professional development among educators. This means it’s time to throw your old teaching […]

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How to tell an edtech fad from a top tool

Edtech changes as much as the education landscape it supports, with new tools released and trends popping up all the time. While this offers school IT administrators a bounty of […]

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Two primary-age school students work together on a digital tablet.

How do IT administrators feel about tech in their schools?

The benefits of technology on the teaching and learning experience are widely recognised. Edtech proved its value when schools were required to adapt to hybrid and remote learning – and […]

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Enhancing education experiences with the ActivPanel

Situated in Hampstead, St Christopher’s School is an independent school for girls age 4 to 11, whose ethos champions creativity and curiosity. The school previously had interactive whiteboards, but they […]

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how to improve engagement in the classroom for students who are unengaged

10 Reasons for a Lack of Student Engagement in the Classroom

Student engagement is a crucial factor for a student’s educational success. When students are disengaged in the classroom, they may struggle to focus. This will affect their ability to make […]

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