Spartanburg School District Seven focuses on teacher-first digital transition

students collaborating using a interactive flat panel

Published: September 29th, 2020

Long before the days of distance and hybrid learning, many schools started implementing their digital conversion plans to update technology and focus on professional development districtwide. No one could have planned for a global pandemic to shift teaching and learning like it has today, but many districts like Spartanburg School District Seven had a head start by putting a plan in place to provide equitable access to technology tools for their students.

District Seven implemented a digital conversion program that provided equitable access through a dynamic 1:1 program and a tech-focused collaborative classroom environment for all students. Their technology plan included key components, including:

  • High-quality interactive panels
  • Collaborative software
  • Teacher-friendly technology
  • Ongoing professional development and support

Read the full story to learn why Spartanburg chose Promethean as the partner to make their digital transition.