Inspiring the next generation of female leaders in Rwanda

Gashora Girls Academy

Published: September 8th, 2023

In 1994, nearly 1 million Rwandans were killed in a country-wide genocide in just 100 days. Immediately following, Rwanda’s population was 70% female. The future of the nation depended on women’s involvement in government and the achievement of true gender equity to ensure a tragedy of this magnitude never happened again.

The Gashora Girls Academy of Science and Technology, an all-girls’ secondary boarding school, was founded in 2008 to empower Rwanda’s women to reach their full potential. The school’s core belief, “Access to education is the fundamental right for all—not just a privilege for those who can afford it,” aims to build a brighter world through education and awareness.

Encouraging students to become scientists, entrepreneurs, advocates, and thought leaders, the Gashora Girls Academy currently educates more than 280 young women of diverse social and economic backgrounds. And it uses Promethean’s ActivPanel to help strengthen its approach to technology and stay focused on engagement, connectivity, and collaboration.

The Gashora Girls staff receives ongoing training to ensure teachers and students are armed with the knowledge of the latest innovations to support their curriculum. Staff members also regularly share training and best practices with other schools across Rwanda.

“The Gashora Girls Academy is setting new standards across Rwanda for its use of technology, and how it enables students to achieve their ambitions,” said Hugo Dantas, head of sales education Portugal and Sub-Saharan Africa at Promethean.

“The ActivPanel will play a key part in not just the success of the school’s pupils, but its wider reputation for producing some of the country’s future leaders.”

Hugo Dantas

Five ActivPanel displays are used throughout the school, a significant upgrade from basic whiteboards. One of the displays is portable, allowing every classroom and student in the school to have a chance to learn with it. The school uses the interactive panels to build on its ongoing syllabus, integrate more online learning opportunities, and improve presenting capabilities in classrooms. It also helps the school achieve its Microsoft certification and enable students to connect with peers from around the world.

Promethean and the Gashora Girls Academy will continue to work together to provide ongoing training to ensure the ActivPanel is used to its full potential, enhances education, and improves learning outcomes at the school.

Our students are the future scientists, entrepreneurs, advocates, and thought leaders the world needs. Technology will play a vital role in ensuring they can reach their full potential long after graduating from our school

Head of School Atete Rugege

“We’re grateful to Promethean for enabling us to take the education of our students—and so many others in the country—to the next level,” Rugege said. “The digital tools and immersive experience of the ActivPanel will simplify and elevate our ability to knowledge-share with other schools across Rwanda, helping deliver on our vision of making education a fundamental right for all.”

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