Return to office: Maximizing in-person collaboration

ActivPanel 9 Pro supports collaboration in the office.

Published: February 28th, 2023

As more workers return to the office, business leaders are looking for new ways to support face-to-face collaboration and help employees realize the full value of time spent working in person.  

As a result, smart panels are quickly becoming a fixture in modern offices. With advanced touchscreen technology, digital whiteboarding features, and integration with top teamwork tools, interactive displays like Promethean’s ActivPanel 9 Pro are redefining in-office collaboration. 

Read on to discover how the ActivPanel 9 Pro maximizes in-person collaboration and transforms the in-office work experience for businesses everywhere. 

Interactive whiteboarding sessions 

While the whiteboard has been an essential office tool for decades, interactive panels have catapulted whiteboard collaboration into the 21st century. The ActivPanel is a digital whiteboard with an infinite canvas that offers boundless space for ideation and iteration. With our best-in-class touchscreen technology, team members can write or draw directly on the panel with their fingers or a digital pen. And with over 20 touchpoints, multiple collaborators can sketch on the board at once. 

Designed to work with the tools and apps businesses are already using, the ActivPanel supports everything from 3D interactive mapping and CAD modeling tools to visual collaboration platforms like Microsoft Inking, Mural, and Miro. Gathered around the ActivPanel’s large 4K bonded glass display, team members can take advantage of their time together in the office to realize shared visions on the big screen. And the ActivPanel’s easy-save function makes sure that no great idea is lost. 

Highly engaging presentations 

Presentations are often most impactful when they can be given face-to-face. With a brilliant ultra-high resolution screen and premium audio, the ActivPanel is designed to bring your presentation deck to life. 

The panel’s active pen with remote control features gives presenters the freedom to move around the room as they walk colleagues through their slide deck. Using the pen’s laser pointer and digital magnifying tool, presenters can direct attention and maintain full control of their presentation from anywhere in the room. 

Untethered from their laptops, presenters can engage with their audience more directly, posing questions or soliciting input from team members rather than lecturing from a podium for an engaging and memorable presentation experience.  

A seamless experience 

 When you’ve gathered together for an in-person brainstorming or co-working session, technology troubleshooting should be the last thing on your mind. The best collaboration tools are friction-free from start to finish—which is why we designed the ActivPanel to deliver a seamless user experience.  

ActivPanel users can trust that the technology will work and be easy to use. With one-touch access to the web and the cloud, all your apps and files are ready for you to use from the moment you turn on the interactive panel. Screen sharing is simple—the ActivPanel supports wireless screen sharing and document sharing, as well as a hardwired option. 

Built on a Windows operating system that is familiar to users and IT managers alike, the ActivPanel is intuitive. And with Promethean’s Panel Management, fluid software updates and panel security features ensure top-notch functionality and safety at all times so that teams can stay focused on collaboration. 

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