Recap: Camp Promethean 2022

Join us at Camp Promethean

Published: August 15th, 2022

Astounding numbers of educators and edtech professionals joined us for the 5th annual virtual Camp Promethean 2022 on Thursday, July 14th. Camp was presented with an imaginative virtual conference theme that brought everyone together for a day of training and professional development. 

The day began at 8am with users “passing through” the Lobby to access the Exhibit Hall, Teacher Tailgate, and dozens of live educational seminars housed in the Auditorium. Attendees were able to explore all the aspects of an in-person conference, all from the comfort of their own home. 

Promethean was thrilled to host another successful day of virtual professional development. We hosted teachers from around the world who discovered new ways to use edtech as they prepare for the upcoming school year.

Keep reading for more highlights from the 5th annual Camp Promethean event!

Professional Development in Education

In addition to live ActivePanel interactive display training, Camp Promethean provided virtual education courses for teachers. Each session was designed to train and motivate teachers with the newest edtech while keeping attendees engaged with live social media challenges and giveaways.

From ClassFlow and essential whiteboard apps to participating in a virtual escape room, there was a wide variety of  ways for educators and administrators to learn from the Promethean edtech team and glean new information for the upcoming year.

By the Numbers

There were a total of 2,416 attendees that included a mixture of teachers, IT professionals, and educational administrators. Attendees from 48 U.S. states were in attendance, and with 9 different countries represented, we were pleased to welcome educational professionals from across the globe. 

One of the most fun parts of a virtual event is engaging online with each other. Campers shared live reactions to seminars using the #CampPromethean hashtag. The hashtag was used 743 times in just one day!  The most engaged social media platform of all was Twitter. In fact, the Camp Promethean Twitter account saw 21.5k impressions during the seminar. 

Camp Promethean was a fantastic event that brought teachers together to encourage and inspire each other. Numbers are just a small way to describe the turnout, but the lasting effect of motivated teaching will be felt all year long. 

Just like a traditional conference, Camp Promethean offered live sessions at scheduled times. Education professionals chose from four different types of classes, with a new seminar in each track starting at the top of each hour. 

Tracks to choose from included Software Training, Promethean Apps, Best Practices, and Innovation Techniques. All of the sessions were led by Promethean’s Education Consultant team.

The most popular session of all was Ron Clark’s keynote session, which was held in the virtual Auditorium at 1pm. His talk, “Creativity, Passion, and Resilience” drew an impressive live audience of 1,138.

The next most popular session was under the Classroom Essential Apps track, “Creating Whiteboard Activities.” There were 1,053 people who learned how to utilize ActivPanel apps in out of this world ways. 

Following in a close third, “Intro to ActivInspire” drew 1,020 educators who prepared for their first space mission by learning how to navigate the much-loved Promethean software.

Professional Development Opportunities

In addition to the useful information learned from all of the seminars, Promethean also offers the official Promethean teacher certification to anyone who wants to take their edtech expertise to the next level. 

After attending Camp Promethean, 7,400 educators  earned and downloaded Promethean teacher certificates. 

These certificates officially set them apart as educators who are trained to use ActivInspire and ActivPanel in the classroom. These teachers can then go back to their schools and help other teachers learn how to get the most out of their smart panels too, helping classrooms and IT departments work together.

Inspiration for the Upcoming School Year

Ron Clark, owner of both the Ron Clark Academy and the fitting moniker “America’s teacher,”  delivered the keynote address “Creativity, Passion, and Resilience.” It was a timely message, as teacher burnout is on the rise in schools across the globe.

Beyond feel-good stories that he delivered with his trademark sense of humor, Ron also demonstrated innovative ways that educators can use ActivPanel to connect with students wherever they are. He also gave actionable steps teachers can take to create fun and educational activities for their students by utilizing the ActivPanel apps and tools.

Did you attend Camp Promethean? We’d love to hear from you!

Every year we look forward to Camp Promethean, but this 5th conference was one for the books.

We do this for you, the teachers and professionals who impact students every day. Now, we’d love to hear about your experience. What was your biggest takeaway from Camp Promethean? Did Ron Clark make you laugh while teaching you something new about ActivInspire? Share your reactions and memories on the #CampPromethean hashtag or send us a message here. We’d love to hear from you! 

Teachers: Thank you for your selfless work and for making a difference in countless students’ lives. We look forward to seeing you next year at Camp Promethean!

If you need more professional development or training throughout the school year, check out the events we host and view the Promethean PD catalog today.