How technology enhances educational results

80% trend line going upward

Published: May 3rd, 2020

Promethean’s State of Technology in Education report collected responses from both teachers and administrators, painting a picture of the current state of edtech adoption in schools as well as where both groups see the future heading. One thing is very clear, however: Both groups see the value of edtech in the classroom.

Engagement is the top of the list

Sixty-seven percent of administrators identified edtech’s ability to boost engagement as a priority, and 72% of teachers noted that students’ familiarity with technology made it a natural way to enhance student engagement. Who would not want a tool in the classroom that increases student attention and interactivity, as well as engagement? Eighty-four percent of teachers believe that technology is that tool.

Anxiety over technology adoption appears to be waning

Teachers overwhelmingly reported a high degree of comfort using technology in various ways, from collaboration to personalized learning to project-based learning. Research indicates that these three, including collaboration, personalized learning, and project-based learning—are all ways to gain student buy-in and to improve student outcomes as well. EdTech provides natural ways for students to work together, both within the classroom and with others from outside the classroom and around the world. Valuable connections are now possible that were once not easily accomplished or possible at all before the advent of interactive displays and cloud-based software.

Personalized learning is easily accomplished with today’s technology

Findings from the report show that teachers feel that technology provides more opportunities to personalize learning for students. Teachers can move seamlessly from front-of-the-classroom instruction on an interactive panel to functioning more as a “guide on the side” as students pursue their own learning, in their own timeframe. Technology that once was accessible only by professionals and experts is now freely available for students with the press of a button.

Students can create professional-quality digital projects and artifacts to demonstrate their learning, and they are able to share it with an authentic audience quickly and collect real-world feedback on their content. With the increased engagement that accompanies the use of edtech tools such as interactive displays and software, students can go farther and deeper with their learning than we have ever seen.

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