How does technology help visual learners?

visual learner student working on school work on a tablet device

Published: December 7th, 2022

Presenting information in a brand new way is one of the best things you can do for visual learners. When they see concepts illustrated with images and graphics, students will understand the concepts easier. 

There are so many benefits of technology for visual learners. As teachers, these dynamic tools give you the ability to present information in fun and interactive ways. 

In fact, there are four compelling ways that technology helps your students learn visually – and it’s more than just  pretty pictures. 

What is a visual learning style? 

Before we get into  the different ways technology can help visual learners, it is important to understand exactly what a visual learning style is. 

In 1983, Howard Gardner created a theory based on his observations and compiled it all in a book called, Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences. In this book, he describes seven different learning styles, one of which is visual. 

Most people oversimplify visual learning as the ability to learn best by seeing, but there is so much more to it than that. 

A visual learning style engages the sense of sight with ideas and facts. It’s more than just what the person sees, but how they see it. 

Visual learning involves representing information with colors, images, and graphics. Color coding and creating charts are just a few of the many ways that teachers can portray complex concepts. 

Technology makes reaching visual learners so much easier. These three benefits of technology for visual learners are unmatched.

1. Translate Complex Theories Into Consumable Ideas

Interactive displays are amazing tools for educators who want to reach visual learners. Now, it’s easier than ever before to represent difficult information with easy-to-understand imagery. 

These are some of the most popular ways that teachers use interactive whiteboards for their students.  

Graphs and Charts 

Math and science teachers use interactive displays to display numerical data in easy-to-understand graphs and charts. 

By rewriting a list of numbers or formulas into graphs and charts, students can see and interact with the information. The best thing about interactive whiteboards is that students have the ability to see you make these graphs. They actually participate in taking numbers and plotting them or organizing the chart. 

This interaction helps them grasp concepts that might otherwise overwhelm or confuse them. 

Bright Pictures

Flashcards with pictures are one of the best ways to help visual learners memorize things. Thanks to technology, there are even better options than flashcards. 

With bright, clear pictures and even video clips, educators can present new topics in fun ways kids love. 


Whether your students make a flowchart, mind map, or Venn diagram, these tools help students organize their thoughts and apply them to the lessons of the day. 

Diagrams are one of the best tools for visual learners. Thanks to screen mirroring technology, students can help teachers fill in these diagrams on their tablets. They will be able to take the information they are learning and create their own diagrams to organize and illustrate them. 


Finally, creating notes and highlighting important concepts are incredibly valuable tools for visual learners. This teaches students how to find and extract the most valuable things from the text – which is a study habit they will use all the way through highschool and college. 

Highlighting on the interactive display also helps students see what is important and remember it. This will prevent them from becoming overwhelmed with too much content and show them how to extract the key concepts from the text. 

2. Helps Children Explore Their Creativity 

When you combine hands-on activities with images and pictures, visual learners will engage different parts of their brain to interact with the ideas. 

This technology gives students of all ages the ability to explore their creativity. They can create dynamic diagrams or illustrative artwork that describes what they are learning. 

It’s also a fun way to encourage students to work together. The more creative students will be able to draw the artwork that portrays the subject in a new way. 

As teachers, you can display the artwork, videos, and diagrams from the students on the board. The high quality of the photos and video will give the students pride in their work. This pride in their work can motivate them to work harder at their creative projects.  

Students can also express their creativity by filling out diagrams like mind maps. These diagrams help students organize their thoughts in a way that they can express in writing. 

When you have the best tools at your disposal, there is so much more you can do as an educator. 

3. Increases Classroom Focus

Forget about dark rooms and dim projectors that put kids to sleep. The crisp, superior quality of Promethean interactive displays keeps children from being distracted. 

When the images and videos are displayed at such a high resolution, they will grab your student’s attention in a compelling way. All of a sudden, the graphics in the front of the room are the most interesting things they can look at. 

These interactive whiteboards are so easy to use that teachers can change images quickly, which keeps easily distracted children focused on what is next. 

Promethean displays have engaging tools like Touchback and Screen Share that encourage students to actively participate in the lessons. As students participate in the lessons at their seats, they will put the lessons into practice and show you how much they are learning or different parts of the lesson they are struggling with. 

The high-quality images and videos will keep your students focused and make your job as a teacher easier too – all at the same time. 

Invest in Crystal-Clear Visuals for Enhanced Learning

There are incredible benefits of technology for visual learners. Graphs, charts, interaction, and creativity are just some of the most popular ways that educators utilize this technology in their classrooms. 

Promethean interactive displays are perfect for teachers of all grades and subjects. The strong visuals in our displays enhance and complement your hard work and lesson planning, grabbing the attention of even the most easily distracted students. 
Visit the ActivPanel page to learn more about our award-winning displays. Can’t decide which software or accessory goes best with your display? Reach out to us for purchasing assistance and advice on choosing technology for visual learners in your classroom. You can even book a free live demo!