Explain Everything is joining Promethean!

Published: November 28th, 2022

Today we’re announcing that Explain Everything, a leading digital whiteboard platform, will merge with Promethean. We are excited to share the news with our customers, administrators, and all of the educators who have continued to use Promethean products over the years.

With this strategic merger, we will be able to provide more rapid technology innovation that addresses teaching, learning, and collaboration needs. We strongly believe our shared vision will transform education for the next generations.

Joining forces with Explain Everything means we will be able to have a greater impact on the edtech sphere. Our aim is to expand our product and transform the way education is incorporated in every single classroom. Many of you have used the Explain Everything app as a teaching tool in the classroom for years. We assure you that we remain deeply committed to serving you and will continue to provide you with the best product and the highest level of service.

“When we set out to build Explain Everything more than 11 years ago, we never thought that our journey would take us this far! This is a huge opportunity for us to grow and innovate thanks to the enormous synergy between Promethean and Explain Everything.”

Piotr Sliwinski, the CTO and co-founder of EE

From a user perspective today, the Promethean ActivPanel and Explain Everything experience remains the same. Promethean and Explain Everything team will continue to develop our software to meet your teaching needs. With the teams coming together, we will achieve innovations for the classroom faster, so expect some cutting-edge solutions and superior interactive experiences to come as soon as 2023.

“As technology evolves, Promethean continues to look to the future to provide the best solutions to transform learning experiences. Joining the Explain Everything team with ours is part of our commitment to continuously innovate and work towards providing a superior interactive experience from anywhere,” said Vin Riera, chief executive officer at Promethean. “This exciting opportunity and new relationship for both companies will allow us to expand our already robust offerings to better serve customers’ needs.”

We are also looking forward to the Explain Everything whiteboard integration with Promethean interactive panels that we will be working on during the next months. This powerful solution will enhance engagement in the classroom by giving teachers the possibility to work both on mobile devices and panels simultaneously.

Thank you for being a part of the Promethean community. We believe that the best is yet to come.