Education news roundup – October 2022

Education Technology News

Published: October 26th, 2022

Here are three of the latest and trending U.S. education and edtech news subjects from October 2022.

1. How technology can aid interest and engagement during teacher shortages and high demand for substitutes   

Teacher shortages, unfortunately still very prevalent across the country, have reached a universal peak in demand and are being dubbed ‘brownouts.’ While ‘brownouts’ typically refer to electrical shortages, the metaphorical shortages of schools lacking teachers bring the term new meaning. But if there’s one thing administrators are hopeful about, it’s supporting teachers with the integration of technology throughout the classroom in an effort to encourage them to stay put.

Edtech has become second nature and foundational in many schools and districts. Not only has the use of interactive boards increased student engagement, but it has sparked interest amongst educators and substitute teachers. With the increase in demand for substitutes, it was important for schools like Southeast Christian School in Denver, Colorado, to bridge the gap between full-time teachers and substitutes in lesson plan translation. Using the ActivPanel, substitutes admire the accessibility and adaptability that interactive boards allow, with the anticipated help of tech-savvy students.

2. Why AI in classrooms is here to stay (it’s a good thing!)   

It can be a common misconception that artificial intelligence (AI) in classrooms may eventually take over the role of teachers. However, that idea is not reality and AI is here to do the opposite; support teachers as a resource and allow for more time to be spent hands-on with students.

Integrating AI in classrooms increases efficiency for teachers, students, and faculty and has become a nation-wide stride in the edtech industry. Interactive boards like Promethean’s ActivPanel have incorporated technologies like Symphony Classroom, that allows teachers to command tasks with their voice, freeing up more time to build relationships with students and increase productivity and interest whether class occurs in person or online. In fact, one district in Orange County, CA has even gone the extra mile. Orange County Public Schools has collaborated with the University of Florida  to initiated CTE framework that gives students a chance to be a part of the AI movement. Through four classes, students not only learn to understand AI, but reimagine it in alternate uses.

3. How edtech increases confidence in and out of the classroom

Confidence is crucial for everyone – no matter the age. In students, confidence can lead to higher levels of self-esteem, which further translates into comfortability with public speaking, asking questions, and overall success. In adults, a similar pattern occurs, yet attention to ignite their confidence is often pushed to the backburner.

In schools, if teachers are confident in their abilities and tools, students will inherit the same mentality. According to Promethean’s 2021/2022 State of Technology of Education report, education technology, or edtech, found that 83% of educators agree that edtech makes engaging students easier and it improves their confidence to perform. Further, embracing technology in the classroom has created a surge in confidence amongst 91% of school staff. While technology has played a role in confidence, it’s especially crucial for students in STEM who are often discouraged to continue down the innovative pathway due to observing fear from parents, siblings, and sometimes even educators. Students looking to take on tomorrow’s challenges in STEM will inherit teamwork skills, social competencies, challenge assumptions, and so much more.

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