Education news roundup February 2022

Education Technology News

Published: February 15th, 2022

Here are three of the latest and trending U.S. education and EdTech news subjects from February 2022.

Changing Students’ Education Experience with the Right EdTech

Technology has secured its seat in the modern-day classroom and has functioned as a tool to help students think, communicate, and learn in new creative ways during the pandemic. With access to educational applications and software programs that enable teamwork from any location, students have been able to partake in their education in ways that have never been done before.

As education experiences continue to evolve, it is crucial for administrators and teachers to continue to select EdTech that supports growth in collaboration and communication. For example, employing interactive whiteboards can act as a vital creative hub for all students.

Innovating the classroom with EdTech tools that encourage participation and positive learning experiences, whether students are learning from a distance or in-person, will increase motivation and engagement in daily lesson plans.

Back in the Classroom: How Educators are Preparing for Learning Loss

As students return to the classroom for in-person learning, teachers and educational leaders are reimagining plans to guarantee success for the remainder of the school year and to combat the lasting effects of learning loss due to changing learning environments.

School faculty are taking steps to combat disruptions by implementing a variety of learning techniques like tutoring partnerships, student-led learning, and personalized learning to support students in all facets of their education.

The combination of these tactics will increase confidence among students, facilitate progress, and will yield an effective and enhanced learning environment for students and teachers alike.

Investing in Educational Tools from Federal Funding

Educational leaders are securing COVID-19 federal relief funding to invest in key tools to aid teachers as they adapt to dynamic environments and navigate new processes. Increased instructional time through tutoring, higher pay for teachers and mental health experts, and improving ventilation systems within schools are among the common investments when leveraging these funds.

Utilizing federal funds sends a positive message to teachers that schools and administrators are prioritizing their needs as well as the needs of their students. To get more insights, tips and updates from Promethean, follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.