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Education Technology News

Published: April 19th, 2022

Here are three of the latest and trending U.S. education and EdTech news subjects from April 2022.

1. Ensuring EdTech Security at Schools

A variety of concerns arise as more technology is implemented and integrated into classrooms, and online security is top of mind for educators and administrators. It must be addressed for educational activities within the classroom, and virtually, to provide a safe and secure learning environment for teachers and students alike.

One way to ensure the security of technologies and edtech tools is by providing technology with built-in safeguards. Safeguards allow teachers the ability to manage what is being displayed on collaborative devices, such as interactive panels, and it prevents students from hijacking the screen, which can lead to disruptions during lessons. Data protection is another key security feature for students using edtech tools outside of the classroom. As students work online from a variety of devices, such as tablets, it is important that their data is protected and remains private from cyberattacks and threats. The first step in ensuring protection is reaching out to your school’s IT team to align on the best online practices and security protocols for students and educators to follow.

Creating a safe online environment is an ongoing concern, however, school administrators can be selective when it comes to procurement of tools that have built-in security features, and software that provides protection online.

2. Providing Support During the Teacher Shortage: Tips & Tools

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has created a variety of hurdles for educators and administrators with the latest being teacher burnout which has resulted in a nationwide teacher shortage. In some cases, the National Guard has even been activated to support schools. To begin addressing this issue, schools are implementing new techniques this year, which include shortening the traditional school week to four days rather than five and providing online resources to alleviate the stress of building out daily lesson plans. Many are also finding the support they need via online groups, forums, and professional development resources.

Allocating more time off to teachers and offering new resources are both short-term fixes, however, some suggest a long-term strategy will need to be curated over time.

3. The Future of Learning: Digital Storytelling

As more teachers adopt personalized learning techniques, these tactics open the door for teachers to connect with students in new creative, and more dynamic ways. The newest addition to modern-day learning techniques is focused on a form of communication known as digital storytelling.

Digital storytelling promotes deeper engagement with students and results in higher rates of retention. It is done properly by utilizing different media that combines a variety of learning styles like visuals and audio. This includes short videos, social media posts, or online web pages to help students explore the topics being focused on in class.

This new pedagogy promotes the combination of EdTech that has occupied the classroom, and traditional learning styles to create a new blended learning method that promotes individualized attention for students. 

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