Edtech News Roundup – November 2021

edtech news roundup

Published: November 1st, 2021

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Here are 3 of the latest and trending U.S. education and Edtech news subjects.


1. Catching Up – The Chase to Combat Learning Loss

Over the past year and a half, COVID-19 has deeply affected the way that schools carry out a “normal” school year. Though technological advancements in education have skyrocketed, and the ability to teach without being in-person has nearly been perfected, the time spent investing in learning to adapt to virtual and hybrid learning environments has left some students falling behind in their educational growth. While all students have been impacted by learning lags throughout the pandemic, many have noted that students of color and those in low-income families have had a disproportionate experience.

The question that educators and students are asking is: how can their communities compensate for this lost time?

With the utilization of proper technology, educators can help lessen the learning loss that students have experienced due to the pandemic. With the right tools, teachers can create an interactive, supportive, hybrid environment that encourages students to engage and participate in daily lessons. The increased participation with edtech tools will allow educators to better accommodate students in their journey in managing learning loss.


2. Prioritizing Mental Health – Promoting A Nurturing Learning Environment

Setting students up for success is an educator’s top priority. For that success to be attainable, students’ mental health has to be taken into consideration as well. The lack of in-person connection due to remote learning has led to a decline in students’ mental health. Even with the implementation of cutting-edge technology to support distance learning, educators and students alike are debating the impacts that hybrid and remote learning environments have had on mental health. While some have assumed positive experiences at home, some are reporting that this was not the case.

Though it may have been a child’s dream pre-COVID-19 to stay home from school, remote schooling can take a staggering toll on mental health when it becomes their everyday learning environment. The decrease in physical activity and social interaction during COVID-19 has led to an increase in anxiety and depression, making the return to in-person learning a challenge for some students.

The importance of acknowledging students experiencing feelings of isolation, depression, and anxiety during the pandemic is crucial to having a positive learning environment moving forward. When educators show an understanding of their students’ mental health, and promote a basic understanding of a social and emotional foundation for students, it allows for a more nurturing and accepting learning environment that ultimately can lead to academic acceleration.


3. Implement & Invest in EdTech for Optimal Learning

Following the rapid increase in adoption of edtech during COVID-19, educators have a new challenge: develop a strategy for selecting and investing federal funds in tools that will reap the most benefits in any learning environment.

Investing the funding provided by the federal government in technology will help promote a new era of education that will allow students to learn at a level that has never been done before. With the newest technology at their disposal, the possibilities for educational advancement are endless.

By utilizing technology that allows for the most engagement and participation in the classroom, educators will be able to provide an optimal learning environment for students when they return to in-person learning. Over time, this implementation of new technology will make a greater impact on education and pave the way for a new standard of learning.


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