Biggest work collaboration trends of 2023

ActivPanel 9 Pro supports collaboration in the office

Published: March 28th, 2023

As we saw in 2022, the workplace continues to evolve more quickly than ever. And with hybrid work becoming more commonplace, businesses across the globe are mobilizing to redefine workplace culture and collaboration.  

From machine learning to augmented reality, here are some of the most compelling, emerging trends in collaborative technology to watch out for in 2023. 

1. Smart co-working spaces 

More and more people are returning to the office. Even the technology industry, the most resistant industry to go back into the office, Forbes reports that the average daily office attendance by tech professionals is 47%, expected to increase to 50% in early 2023. After years of collaborating online, companies are now considering new ways to collaborate in the office. Increasingly, they’re adding new technology to their in-person and hybrid workspaces to improve teamwork and connection.  

Some examples include automated meeting room schedulers that facilitate team huddles or 360-degree video cameras that help remote employees engage better with in-person employees. Many are turning to smart panels to upgrade their smart office. Panels like the ActivPanel 9 Pro allow teams to brainstorm on an infinite whiteboard while seamlessly connecting with their devices. In addition, the panel bolsters collaboration in a hybrid workplace with high-quality video-calling features.  

2. Immersive Technology  

One development this year will be in AR and VR in the collaborative space. Companies using AR have reported a 46% reduction in time to complete tasks, and average productivity improvements of 32%, says the Harvard Business Review. By opening up new forms of communication, immersive technology can connect teams, helping remote and in-person teams tackle tasks better together. While it still has a long way to go, some significant advancements in VR and AR are making headway in today’s offices. 

For example, interactive smart panels like the ActivPanel 9 Pro supports CAD Modeling, 3D imaging, and 3D interactive mapping. This helps in-person and remote architects and engineers get an accurate sense of projects. On the other hand, VR is opening up dynamic, innovative communication channels throughout a distributed workforce via the metaverse.   

3. Asynchronous communication  

Today, more companies have a distributed workforce and are turning to methods of asynchronous collaboration to drive more thoughtful, contributive, and impactful discussions.   

In practice, many convert those meetings into thoughtful emails or use project management platforms to convey tasks. Another approach is using smart panels such as the ActivPanel 9 Pro to screen record meetings and share them with colleagues. This way, if some employees choose to use that meeting time to focus on their projects, they can get clued into the discussion without interrupting their workflow. The panel also lets employees use collaboration apps like MURAL and MIRO so that employees can contribute their ideas and opinions on their own time.  

4. Personalized collaboration tools  

Since the pandemic, there’s been a 44% jump in employees who use collaborative software, says Gartner. Now that more people are returning to the office, companies must accommodate and even exceed the tools their employees have come to rely on for collaboration. This means implementing new technology that engages employees while working with the tools they’re familiar with.   

For companies to support this level of flexibility, it’s essential that the software and hardware they adopt in an office allow for a high level of integration. This is why they’re turning to the ActivPanel 9 Pro. The panel integrates seamlessly with any software and lets them use their favorite whiteboard applications, such as Microsoft Inking, for improved brainstorming sessions. 

With the rise of ultra-flexibility, hybrid work environments, and streamlined workflows, companies all over are considering solutions for the challenges ahead in 2023.  

Stay on top of the trends by learning more about the ActivPanel 9 Pro, businesses’ all-in-one solution that supports key areas of employee collaboration, fueling better productivity and connection among teams.  

Discover more about the all-new ActivPanel 9 Pro by scheduling a demo today.  

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