Benefits of interactive whiteboards in the classroom

Teacher uses interactive whiteboard to engage students in lesson

Published: August 9th, 2021

An interactive whiteboard is this generation’s take on traditional whiteboards. Also known as digital whiteboards or smart whiteboards, these interactive displays are used in a variety of classroom and educational settings to increase productivity, interaction, and collaboration. 

Digital whiteboards make a teacher’s life easier.

Digital whiteboards allow teachers and instructors to directly interact with displays and presentations through touch interfaces. 

The smart whiteboards usually come in two options: standalone and connected. Standalones allow users to rely solely on the digital whiteboard itself, which acts as a computer and interactive interface. The latter requires users to connect their interactive whiteboards to computers. In this case, digital whiteboards are similar to touchpads but provide audiences with a much larger and vivid view of the content. 

Key Features of Interactive Whiteboards


Digital whiteboards can be mounted or mobile, allowing them to seamlessly transition between classrooms.


One major benefit of digital whiteboards is increased engagement with displays and presentations. This is made possible by users’ ability to interact with the displays, which leads to better focus and material retention. This is partly made possible by the next key feature of interactive whiteboards.


Digital whiteboards allow audience members to connect to the board itself, giving meeting or lesson viewers and listeners a chance to become participants. This connectivity creates the opportunity for real-time collaborative editing, polling, formatting, and so much more. 

Advantages of Interactive Whiteboards  

Long gone are the days of a projected presentation being blacked out by a pacing presenter. Digital whiteboards put the presentation and display in the hands of the teacher, instructor, or presenter, without sacrificing audience engagement. 

Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom  

  • Better Engagement
  • Students Are More Focused
  • Increased Lesson Interactivity Causes Increased Student Interest

How do smart whiteboards benefit students?  

With remote learning on the rise, digital whiteboards are becoming increasingly popular, especially as some models allow teachers to share their screens with students while also appearing in video chats or meetings. This means that students are given the maximum amount of time to review presented material without sacrificing their interaction with instructors. 

In addition, one of the main benefits of interactive whiteboards for students is that presentations can be recorded and viewed long after class is over. This gives students the opportunity to study educational weak points on their own time and get a direct-from-source review bank, ensuring that they’re learning correct information.

One of the most exciting benefits of digital whiteboards for students is that research shows the use of digital whiteboards increases student engagement. Digital whiteboards also can help instructors to gamify content, which makes the learning process more fun, thereby increasing motivation and focus.

How do smart whiteboards benefit teachers?

Today’s interactive whiteboards are replete with common educational tools, such as rulers, protractors, the periodic table of elements, and more. Digital whiteboards also give teachers the ability to quickly craft perfect angles, charts, and fun presentations. 

In addition, the board allows teachers to write directly on it, meaning there’s no need to struggle with nearly dried-out markers. In that same vein, the past problem of stained whiteboards is no more. Digital whiteboards make it easy to sweep away writing and drawings without leaving ghostly echoes. Smart whiteboards also allow teachers to combine images and annotate directly on the display.

Depending on the model of interactive whiteboard, files and presentations may be saved directly on the smart whiteboard’s internal storage.

Disadvantages of an Interactive Whiteboard

Insufficient training can frustrate educators. 

Teachers and instructors who don’t take the time to properly learn how to use a smart panel will find them difficult to operate and frustrating to use. Learning how to properly connect the computer or laptop to the projector is vital in having a working piece of equipment. As a result of rushed or absent training, the smart panels will not be used to its full potential. 

Board height can leave some not reaching their full potential. 

Literally. After your interactive smartpanel is mounted, it is not easy to move around. And this may result, especially with classrooms full of younger students, an inability to reach the top portions of the smart panel. Luckily, mobile device options help shorter students still participate fully. With the introduction of mobile versatility, younger students can use a tablet to completely interact with the lesson on a smaller, more manageable screen. This also means that when students need to work virtually, they are more familiar with the system when at home.

Remote access is a blessing and a curse. 

When allowing remote access to your interactive whiteboard for remote or virtual students, it can cause mixed signals, lag, or overload of inputs when control of the board is lost. 

Where to Find the Best Interactive Whiteboard 

Regardless of the disadvantages, the advantages for educators far outweigh them. There are tons of resources available online to help you find the best interactive whiteboard, including a free ‘request a live demo’ service from Promethean. 

Promethean goes above and beyond to cater to its clientele, which includes business professionals, educators, and more. Its models are affordable, reliable, and state of the art. Promethean smart whiteboards can accommodate multiple users, making it the top choice for those prioritizing engagement and collaboration.

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