6 tips for more engaging presentations

ActivPanel 9 Pro for business and the workpalce

Published: March 14th, 2023

A good presentation can change minds, drive consensus, and inspire action—but in order for your presentation to be effective, you’ve got to keep your audience engaged.  

Being able to give an engaging presentation is a powerful skill. So we’ve compiled the leading strategies, tools, and advice you need to hone your craft. Take your presentation game to the next level with these essential tips. 

1. Liberate yourself from the front of the room

Office smart panels, also known as interactive displays or interactive whiteboards, have unlocked a new level of presentation flexibility. 

With Promethean’s ActivPanel 9 Pro, the presenter is free to move about the room, interacting directly with audience members, rather than lecturing from the podium. The interactive display’s ActivPen remote control and wireless keyboard are designed to allow users to present and control their slide deck from anywhere in the room, while still directing the audience’s attention with the laser pointer and magnifying tool features. 

Untethered from the front of the room, presenters can move amongst their colleagues, engaging with them more personally. This more flexible presentation format invites discussion and sharpens focus for a more memorable and engaging experience. 

2. Invite people to get hands-on 

Engage colleagues by inviting them to interact directly with your presentation deck. With the ActivPanel’s Vellum touchscreen technology, audience members can draw directly on your slides with a touch of their finger.  

Invite one of the audience members to the front of the room for a quick whiteboard exercise or involve a group in a live demonstration. Hands-on interaction with presentation materials lets people absorb material at their own pace, making the information stick. When you get people out of their seats and actively engaging with your content, you’re engaging more of their brains as well, making for a more impactful presentation.  

3. Engage your audience with a poll  

Another effective method of encouraging audience participation is by administering a poll. Make your talk more inclusive and engaging by interacting with your colleagues in real-time.  

With the ActivPanel’s polling feature, it’s easy to poll the audience mid-presentation. Consider asking questions that tee up your proposal or establish common ground, like “How many of you have experienced miscommunications at work?” Or use the polling feature to crowdsource ideas to a challenge that’s got you stumped. You can also ask a one-word open-ended question to form a word cloud, creating a useful snapshot of popular opinion.  

4. Add compelling visuals 

Everyone knows that text-heavy slides are a no-no. Fortunately, a picture is worth 1,000 words. The most memorable presentation decks are visually stunning and make good use of evocative imagery and illuminating infographics. Command your audience’s attention by animating text, and adding video clips and gifs. 

With a high quality 4K display, Promethean’s ActivPanel brings out the best in your visually driven presentations. The smart panel’s bonded glass design delivers vibrant, attention-grabbing colors, higher screen brightness, and is crystal clear from any angle so that even those sitting in the corner can appreciate your carefully crafted slides. 

5. Leverage resources 

Great presentations are rarely started from scratch. Leverage pre-existing resources and templates to jump-start the creation of your next slide deck. 

The ActivPanel 9 Pro comes with an infinite whiteboard with our built-in business templates, ready to use the moment you turn your device on. And with one-touch access to the cloud, company materials are right at your fingertips. These resources will help you save time and energy so that you can put the focus back on engaging your audience. 

6. Ensure your tech works before you present 

Reliable presentation tech is essential. You can count on the ActivPanel 9 Pro to help you deliver effortless, engaging, and smooth presentations. Backed by our best-in-class five year warranty, the panel is designed to deliver a seamless user experience from the moment you enter the meeting room.  

Go into your next presentation with confidence. Remember—you’ve got this! And with the right tools like the ActivPanel 9 Pro, you’ll be equipped with the features and capabilities you need to keep your audience engaged from start to finish.  

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