5 reasons why your team will love the ActivPanel 9 Pro

AP9 Pro for the work place connects employees allowing them to thrive.

Published: February 15th, 2023

As the nature of work has shifted, businesses have realized a critical need to equip their teams with new tools to connect, create, and collaborate effectively. At the forefront of this next generation of workplace devices is the interactive panel. As companies look to replace outdated monitors and whiteboards, more IT leaders are turning to Promethean for powerful touch-screen technology.  

Built for the new way we work, Promethean’s ActivPanel 9 Pro delivers an unparalleled user experience designed to drive engagement and collaboration, inspiring breakthrough moments. It’s time to give your employees the technology they need to thrive. Here are 5 ways the ActivPanel 9 Pro will revolutionize your workflow.  

1. Boost collaboration  

The ActivPanel 9 Pro addresses the challenge of siloed work by bringing colleagues together, both in and out of the office, helping to engage everyone for a more equitable experience. 

Built-in wireless screen sharing, file sharing, cloud storage, and the ability to save work easily help bring colleagues together harmoniously by ensuring everyone has all the necessary materials. If someone can’t make it to a meeting, your teams can easily record presentations, grab screenshots, and share them with employees at any time.  

The ActivPanel 9 Pro hosts apps and collaboration tools that help teammates put their heads together, bringing transformative ideas to life. These include Promethean’s digital infinite smart whiteboards, 3D interactive mapping apps, CAD modeling, Miro, and Mural—everything they need to power work synergy.  

2. Presentations that impress 

A powerful presentation gets everyone on the same page, unlocks creativity and innovative thinking, and inspires others to take action. The ActivPanel 9 Pro equips you with the features and accessories that help you rock your talk, the way you want.  

With the most advanced audio and visual capabilities, Promethean’s smart panel for businesses helps presenters deliver beautiful, attention-grabbing slideshows. And with the panel’s annotate feature, you’re able to add live notes on top of presentations, providing an additional layer of streamlined feedback and collaboration. 

Each ActivPanel 9 Pro also comes with an ActivPen that allows for remote-controlled slide advancing and direct launching of apps, plus a laser pointer. No longer tethered to the front of the meeting room, presenters have the flexibility to move around, engaging more directly with in-office meeting participants. The ActivPen also includes a virtual magnifying tool—so content can be seen clearly by in-person and remote meeting participants alike.  

The ActivPanel comes complete with best-in-class peripherals, including a wireless Logitech K400 Plus smart keyboard that allows you to sit among your coworkers with presentation and multimedia control.  

3. Quick access to all of your content through any device 

Constant context-switching between devices can disrupt your focus and hinder productivity. The ActivPanel 9 Pro enables a “bring-your-own-device,” or BYOD, meeting room experience with seamless content sharing through a hardwired connection to any device. 

Promethean’s patented ActivSync technology makes it easy to link devices automatically so you can sign in quickly to access files and materials on the cloud. ActivSync also enables seamless content sharing between connected devices, screen recording, and saving files, such as work on the panel’s infinite whiteboard. 

Businesses need panels that work well with the devices and software they have or plan to adopt. The highly compatible ActivPanel 9 Pro is designed to support any platform, hardware, and software. This includes one-touch access to the web and common applications so that anyone, regardless of technical skill level, can hit the ground running as soon as they turn on a panel.  

4. Your information is safe and secure 

At Promethean, security is one of our top priorities. The ActivPanel 9 Pro ensures that your information stays safe with you.  

The ActivPanel 9 Pro offers a variety of secure sign-in options: type in a password, connect your device with ActivSync, swipe an NFC card, or use a QR code, and the included Logitech K400 Plus smart keyboard allows for secure and discreet password entry. Need digital signatures on files? Important documents can be signed safely in supervised quarters with the panel’s touchscreen signage feature.  

Promethean makes it easy for IT administrators to quickly and easily deploy remote security updates through Promethean’s cloud-based management solution. With Promethean Panel Management, updates can be applied as soon as new firmware, software, and app features are released.  

5. Built to last  

As businesses adopt new workplace technologies, teams should use their time and resources on tools that propel them forward, not set them back. Constant product updates, upgrades, and repairs can be time-consuming and costly.  

Committed to quality, Promethean designed the ActivPanel 9 Pro with high-grade materials made for longevity and designed for maximum compatibility with the tool businesses are already using or hoping to adopt. Our five-year advanced replacement warranty is best-in-class and our U.S.-based support teams are there for customers now and in the future. 

Business leaders everywhere are embracing new, innovative technology to propel workplace productivity and enhance office culture. Begin your journey today with the new ActivPanel 9 Pro. 

Find out how the all-new ActivPanel 9 Pro can revamp your workspace with a demo.  

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