Trending in Education: SVP Matt Cole discusses classroom technology in edtech podcast

Trending in Education - featuring Matt Cole, Senior Vice President

Published: June 10th, 2022

In the episode, hear about how Matt’s professional journey led him into edtech and why Promethean’s mission to change the way the world learns and collaborates inspired him to join the team.

The podcast provides eye-opening insight about the future of education and the permanent changes that have come from disruptions to the classroom over the last few years. In addition, Matt and Mike discuss the future of interactive technology in all walks of life. Younger generations, who are growing up around technology, already expect to be able to touch, talk, and move in collaboration with classroom tools. So what will the next generation expect? The hosts ponder the world of tomorrow where the tech-fluent want interactive technology in school, higher education, and the workplace.

The podcast concludes with Matt outlining Promethean’s strategic goals to improve the tools we already have today while exploring ways to impact the future in a positive way. The world of education has permanently changed, and we are excited to be part of the transformation.

You can check out the podcast now on Trending in Education’s website or find them on all popular podcast providers.