The award-winning ActivPanel is powered by a revolutionary, upgradeable Android processor that transforms the traditional projection display into an intelligent hub that unleashes the power of teacher and student connectivity.

The Powerfully Intelligent, Connected Hub of the Classroom

The all-new Promethean ActivPanel is a tablet-like surface for the front of the classroom. Powered by Promethean's ActivConnect Android processor, it enhances the teaching and learning experience providing instant access to educational apps, wireless connectivity, mobile device mirroring and more.

ActivPanel 4.5
ActivPanel 4.5
The Power of Apps
The Power of Apps Access the vast, ever-expanding world of over 500,000 educational apps. Easily download your favorite apps directly from your home screen.
The Power of Extension
The Power of Extension Connect Bluetooth devices such as musical keyboards, digital lab sensors, and droids/robots to the ActivPanel in support of STEM/STEAM Education.
The Power of Connectivity
The Power of Connectivity Mirror mobile devices to the ActivPanel to share content. Additionally, you can create, save, and share digital notes with the entire class.
The Power of Usability
The Power of Usability Access your apps with ease, switch between applications, or customize the home page. ActivPanel’s user interface is designed to make learning fun and engaging.
ActivPanel 4.5

The Power of Upgradability

Modernize your classrooms at the rate of technology innovation.

Future-Ready Device
Future-Ready Device With its revolutionary external Android CPU design, the processor capacity of the ActivPanel can be easily upgraded over time to keep pace with frequent advances in computing technology.
Intelligent Design
Intelligent Design Promethean’s Android device is included with EVERY ActivPanel and provides a built-in Android App Store, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage.
Long-Term Use
Long-Term Use Our upgradable solution combined with a comprehensive 3-year warranty ensures an excellent return on investment for years to come.

Technical Overview

ActivPanel 4.5

Models / Sizes

1080p Full HD 70" and 80" displays

Mounting Options

Select from a fixed wall mount, adjustable wall mount, adjustable mobile stand and non-adjustable mobile stand.   

Multi-User Capability

Multi-user capability on the ActivPanel is dependent upon the application software and operating system used. Within multi-user applications such as Promethean's ActivInspire software, Windows 7 and Windows 8, up to ten users can work simultaneously on the ActivPanel.


The ActivPanel offers a variety of ports for convenient peripheral connectivity, including 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB touch, 1 OPS slot, VGA, Audio, and more.


AC 100~240V

Compatible Operating Systems

Windows, OS X, Linux and Chrome OS

Powerful Stereo Sound

Built-in 2 x 10 W speakers will fill your classroom with deep, crystal-clear sound.

External Android

Promethean’s ActivConnect Android 5.1 device includes 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of Internal Storage.


ClassFlow is included with the purchase of the ActivPanel and provides interactive and collaborative use of classroom devices, digital curriculum and assessments for learning. To sign up for your free ClassFlow account, click here

In addition, access to ActivInspire Professional Edition Software is included. Teachers can deliver interactive lessons and access a wealth of teaching activities, tools, and templates. For links to download ActivInspire Professional Edition, please visit this page. To learn more about how ActivInspire Professional Edition Software can be used with third party products, please download this PDF.


Promethean recommends that the product is installed by a trained Promethean Installer. Download a full system installation guide here. Installation of ActivInspire Professional Edition software, version 1.7.62 or higher, and ActivDriver version 5.9.22 or higher is required.


To learn more about how to use ActivPanel and ActivConnect, visit our Help page.


3-Year Standard Warranty after registration, including an option for a purchasable two-year extended warranty.

Specification Sheet

Download the specification sheet to view more information.