ActivPanel® Titanium Pro™
for the Workplace

Bring Meetings to Life

Ideal for any sized company or organization that wants to speed decision-making, boost innovation, and elevate collaboration … affordably.

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In-person and Remote

Brainstorm and synthesize information with colleagues across the globe. Spread out your ideas on our infinite white board with built in business templates. Or use integrated partner tools and apps such as Mural. Perfect tools for a digital whiteboard for business!

ActivPanel for the Workplace

No Nonsense
Meeting Logistics

Save 5 to 10 minutes of wasted time in every meeting. Start with the touch of a button and use your preferred meeting app for remote participants to join. Connect to the ActivPanel Titanium Pro with or without wires to share presentations and files with in-person and remote participants.

Secure and
Simple to Manage

ActivPanel Titanium Pro for business integrates into any technology environment reliably and securely. And its intuitive interface means fewer frantic calls to IT during important meetings.

Manage your digital whiteboard for business just like any laptop or desktop resource.

Help Employees Thrive
Use screen sharing to create participatory employee training modules and professional development courses to deliver live or record for ongoing use.

Transform a conference room into a powerful, flexible, and intuitive collaboration space with UC Workspace™ Quicklaunch™ for Promethean

The customized Quicklaunch experience enhances any workspace.

  • One touch join experience
  • Show a calendar of in-room events
  • Access apps & data securely
  • Integrate multiple communication platforms
  • Easily add collaboration tools and & interactive apps

Get Down to Business

ActivPanel Titanium Pro hardware, software, and integrations were built to bring more efficiency and creativity to businesses and organizations of any size, in any industry.

Three interactive displays for business sizes to fit your conference rooms, training centers, offices, and team huddle spaces.

Optimized for Windows® 10 and compatible with MacOS® , Linux® , and Chrome OSTM.

Quick access to tools and apps such as Whiteboard, Timers, Spinner, Screen Recorder, Box, and Microsoft Office.

Ports, WiFi® and BlueTooth® to connect just about anything , whether BYOD or corporate devices.

Proximity sensor so ActivPanel Titanium Pro is automatically ready when you are.

Microsoft supported gestures for navigation and hands or provided pens to write, draw, and erase.

How We Stack Up

ActivPanel Titanium Pro

Display Available Sizes 65+” 4k, 75” 4K, 86”4K
Interactivity Unified Menu Experience
Vellum™ Writing Technology
Simultaneous Touch Points 20
Pen and Touch Differentiation
Simultaneous Pen, Touch, & Erase
Palm Detection (Event) Erase or Reject
Computing Operating System Android 8
RAM / Storage 4GB / 64GB
Promethean Chromebox Optional
Windows Module: OPS-M Optional
Panel Software Management Promethean Panel Management
Remote Over-the-Air Updates
Connectivity LAN 10/100/1000 Mbps
Mirroring / Screen Sharing
Usability Ergonomic Angled Center Console
Easy Access Front Ports
Front Facing Speakers

Bass Enhanced

65+” 4K : 2 x15 Watts

75″ 4K: 2 x15 Watts

86″ 4K: 2 x 20 Watts

Proximity Sensors
Productivity Apps (Whiteboard, Annotate, Spinner, Timer)

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