ActivPanel LX

The security and sustainability you need, at a price you can afford

Technology evolves. Security protocols change. And your needs are always shifting. ActivPanel LX is designed to adapt and stay relevant far into the future.
Made to work with your current technology platform—along with the software and apps you know and love—this robust interactive display provides the quality, dependability, and versatility you expect from Promethean.

Exceptional longevity and security

Other interactive displays on the market today become obsolete 
in as little as two years because their systems are built into the panel. ActivPanel LX is different. It uses a separate computing device or laptop that can be replaced easily and inexpensively whenever your technology needs shift or security protocols change, making it one of the most secure, sustainable, and affordable edtech solutions on the market today.

Wanting an EDLA-certified device? No problems, we’ve got you covered with our OPS-A.

Seamless integration with the tech you use today

The ActivPanel LX can be plugged into a laptop with a single USB-C cable, instantly turning your computer into a large-format interactive display. It can also be paired with a computing module that fits your preferred ecosystem—whether it be Google, Windows, or Android—giving you maximum flexibility. And as your requirements evolve, your ActivPanel LX will always be able to adapt.

Beautifully simple, and so easy to use

Because the ActivPanel LX works with the hardware, software, and apps you currently use, there’s no learning curve. That means teachers can start delivering engaging, interactive lessons right away. The ActivPanel LX is easy to install and set up, requiring minimal training and limited support from IT staff. Not only that, IT administrators won’t need to enroll, manage, or frequently update the panels, or deal with security issues.

Quality you can count on, long into the future

The ActivPanel LX offers an impressive array of features at an affordable price, so you can rest assured you’ll be using it for many years to come.

  • A crystal clear 4K display that leverages HDMI 2.0 technology
  • Gigabit ethernet ports for uncompromised network speeds to a connected OPS device
  • LCD bonded glass offering excellent writing and 
 viewing experiences
  • Advanced touch technology providing pen and touch differentiation, palm erase, and 20 points of touch
  • Dual front-facing speakers, an integrated full-length pen tray, and a wall mount

ActivPanel LX

Display sizes

65″ / 4K 75″ / 4K 86″ / 4K

65″ / 4K


75″ / 4k


86″ / 4k


Bonded Glass

Blue Light Reduction

Ambient Light Sensor

LED Lifespan

50,000 hours

Vellum Writing Technology

Continuous Touch Points


Pen and Touch Differentiation

Continuous Pen, Touch & Erase

Palm Erase

Palm Rejection


Yes, 2

Operating System


Promethean Chromebox


Windows Module: OPS-M


Android Module: OPS-A


OPS Slot
LAN In (10/100/1000)
LAN Out (10/100/1000)

Easy Access Front Ports
Dual Front-facing Speakers
2 x 15 W
Promethean Progressive Web Apps (Annotate, Spinner, Timer)
Promethean Lesson Delivery Software (ActivInspire)
1 Personal single user

*Recommended retail price (RRP) quoted in USD. Contact your local reseller for specific pricing in your region as prices may vary based upon total number of units purchased or costs of sale or delivery.

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