Promethean’s Learner Response Systems get QWERTY and Clever

Published: February 11th, 2012

Promethean’s Learner Response Systems get QWERTY and Clever

New QWERTY keyboard and full-equation better supports assessment for learning and boosts student engagement

London, UK, 11 January 2012 – Global education company Promethean will be launching its next generation Learner Response System (LRS), ActivExpression2, at BETT 2012. This latest mobile handheld device is another key component of Promethean’s fully integrated suite of solutions for the modern classroom that increases student engagement, enables assessment for learning and provides real-time feedback.

The announcement means ActivExpression2 will be launched alongside ActivEngage Mobile, a new virtual LRS available for hand-held devices, such as iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, and Android devices (tablets and phones).

Learner Response Systems are wireless handheld devices that allow students to individually contribute to a lesson by answering a question posed by the teacher/other students or by offering an idea or opinion. In effect, they give all students a voice and allow teachers to deliver dynamic lessons. Since Promethean launched its original LRS, ActiVote, in 2004, nearly 5 million devices have been deployed in classrooms across the globe, making learning more engaging, stimulating, relevant and, therefore, successful for millions of learners.

The new device is more than a clicker system for responding to questions. It is a powerful instructional tool that enables formative assessment and gives teachers real-time feedback so that they can monitor how well a theory or idea is being understood, and to identify learning gaps. For students, it enables greater communication, collaboration and contribution within the classroom.

Equipped with a QWERTY keyboard, the ActivExpression2 has full text capability allowing students to easily answer in full text or multiple choice as well as a number of other input modes. The larger screen accommodates both questions and answers, and the inclusion of a mathematical equation editor adds to the devices’ use in the classroom. Most significantly, from a pedagogical perspective, ActivExpression2 continues to support self-paced learning, where students progress at their own pace – giving teachers that ability to track real-time comprehension.

Commenting on the launch, Iwan Streichenberger, Promethean President of Learner Response and Assessment Solutions, said, “With this, and future product launches, we move even closer to supporting personalized learning – a cornerstone of modern education. As we adapt to the ever-changing technology landscape and evolving needs of educators, so too must the instructional tools and resources within classrooms. With the addition of ActivExpression2 and the recent release of ActivEngage Mobile, we expand the range of learner response systems we now offer – which are platform and technology independent – to address the ever-changing needs of teachers.”


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