Promethean launches one of the first Google EDLA-certified Android devices for the IFPD market

Promethean OPS-A device

Published: June 6th, 2023

Designed to be paired with the ActivPanel LX, the OPS-A computing module provides easy access to the Google Play Store and regular security updates

Promethean announced the launch of its OPS-A computing module, one of the first Google EDLA-certified devices designed for use with an interactive display. The new computing device is specifically designed to be paired with the ActivPanel LX, Promethean’s new panel providing exceptional ease of use, flexibility, quality, and longevity.

As a Google-certified Android device, the OPS-A allows users of the ActivPanel LX to access the Google Play Store right from their panel. Many of the most popular Google apps are preloaded onto the device, including YouTube, Google Chrome, and Google Meet. Having Google Drive on the panel also provides ready access to content right from the cloud. This certification requires security updates to be released every 90 days, so Promethean customers will benefit from superior protection of their data as well.

“The ActivPanel LX and OPS-A combination has been thoughtfully designed for customers who want an Android ecosystem with seamless access to the Google platform,” said Lance Solomon, chief product officer at Promethean. “Those looking for affordability, versatility, and unparalleled quality need look no further.”

Not only does the OPS-A provide access to all the apps in the Google Play Store, it also has the most popular Promethean apps preloaded, including Annotate, Screen Capture, Whiteboard, Spinner, Timer, Screen Share, and Device Management. Users will be able to customize the menu at the bottom of their screen to include their favorite apps for quick access.

Released earlier this year, the ActivPanel LX was created to meet the needs of an evolving IFPD market. It is a simplified, peripheral touchscreen panel that can be easily connected to a laptop with a USB-C cable or paired with Promethean’s computing modules to complement existing Android, Chrome, or Windows environments. It also works seamlessly with the software and apps customers already use, so they can plug and play with minimal training.

Purchasers who want to ensure they are making a wise technology investment that’s built to last far into the future will appreciate the advanced features of the ActivPanel LX, including a crystal clear 4K display that leverages HDMI 2.0 technology; Gigabit ethernet ports that facilitate uncompromised network speeds to a connected OPS device; LCD bonded glass that provides both excellent writing and viewing experiences; and advanced touch technology that provides pen and touch differentiation, palm erase, and 20 points of touch.

For more information about the OPS-A and ActivPanel LX, contact a Promethean representative by visiting