Promethean issues recommendations to world leaders on how to fix student disengagement problem

Published: January 16th, 2013

Student leaders join Education Fast Forward debate at Education World Forum on 28 January

16 January 2013 – A new paper released today from Promethean (LSE: PRW), a global education company, raises concerns about how unplugged today’s students are from their learning. The paper, From Learner Voice to Emerging Leaders, calls on global leaders to engage students in making decisions about education policies and practices to make it more relevant and meaningful for them.

The paper highlights the growing number of students who are disengaged from learning. Independent research from the Canadian Education Association found that 85 per cent of grade five students are intellectually engaged, but by grade 12 the number of engaged students drops to 45 per cent. The authors also looked at work done by The Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations, an independent, nonprofit organisation, which reveals that only one-third of grade 12 students feel like they have a voice in their learning.

“If we are going to create an engaged and prepared workforce for the global economy, we need to start by looking at the education system in which tomorrow’s leaders are learning. What the authors of this paper clearly articulate is that we have a growing student disengagement problem,” said Jim Wynn, Chief Education Officer, Promethean. “As a global community, we have an opportunity to make the right choices and changes to make learning relevant so today’s students are learning for the whole of their life.”

In Learner Voice to Emerging Leaders, the authors recommend giving students “an authentic say in what and how they want to learn.” They recommend education leaders consider dramatic changes in four areas:

  • Curriculum design
  • Pedagogical practice
  • The role of technology in empowering learner voice, and
  • The role of learner voice in national and international education policy.

A complete copy of the paper can be found in the Research section.

Authors of Learner Voice to Emerging Leader, Gavin Dykes, Michael Furdyk, Sara Hassan and Jennifer Corriero, will present their recommendations to Ministers of Education attending the Education World Form (EWF) on Monday 28 January, during the Education Fast Forward (EFF) debate.

Three students, Michael Lach from the United Kingdom, Mohamed Sidibay from Sierra Leone/United States, and Agnetta Nyalita from Kenya will also join global leaders to talk about their expectations for school and make recommendations on what changes are needed in school to better prepare young leaders. These young leaders will also be sharing their thoughts on the EFF blog in the days leading into and after the debate.

The Education Fast Forward debate will take place on 28 January from 11 to 12 am GMT. It will be shown via LiveStream on Promethean Planet. Education leaders can join the conversation via Twitter by following hash tag #EFF6.

Journalists and bloggers interested in interviews with the authors or who want further information on how to participate in EFF should contact Jodie Pozo-Olano at (540) 270-7819 or [email protected]

At the event, Promethean will be building upon an ongoing discussion around the 21st Century Education Themes that Matter. Join this yearlong conversation via Twitter by following hashtag: #LearningMatters.

Download: Learner Voice white paper

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