Promethean announces Alliance with Microsoft to deliver interactive and collaborative education tools and services

Published: February 6th, 2013

6 February 2013 – Atlanta, GA – A new suite of solutions under development by two global companies Microsoft and Promethean will provide a new collaborative classroom-based learning environment. Working together the two companies will develop a suite of Windows 8 and Windows RT applications giving educators the ability to use collaborative, interactive and real-time assessment technology to personalize learning.

“The prolific deployment of 1:1 devices and the increasing interest in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) may have the potential to change how teaching and learning happens, but too often these technologies are sent to the classroom without being connected to learning. Promethean’s work with Microsoft will give educators the ability to use the latest technological innovations to help change teaching and learning in all environments by engaging students and increasing their activity through whole class instruction, group collaboration and individualized learning,” said Jim Marshall, CEO of Promethean.

“We’re excited to support student learning with Promethean’s commitment to continue building on the Microsoft technology platform,” said Anthony Salcito, Vice President of WW Education at Microsoft Corp. “Promethean is an important partner and supports our focus to have a positive impact on student learning and our education vision of anytime anywhere learning for all.”

Under the agreement the two companies plan to:

  • Develop Windows 8 and Windows RT apps for collaborative, multi-user, multi-touch for the ActivTable (find out more on ActivTable UK/ROW or ActivTable US) An app already under development by Promethean engineers sets up a real-time marketplace where students run a business and learn basic principles of economics, business development, marketing and sales. The application uses the Windows 8 platform, Promethean’s interactive delivery devices (ActivBoard and ActivTable), Microsoft Surface and other tablets. Students manage their businesses on any device and learn how real-time business decisions like reducing the price for goods or services impacts share price. Data collected throughout the game can be used for future lessons.
  • Create ActivEngage for Windows 8. Currently available for laptops, tablets and mobile devices, ActivEngage is used to gather feedback in real-time, which is assessed and analyzed and then used by educators to personalize learning. The modification to Windows 8 expands the types of questions available for adaptive learning scenarios and provides a repository of assessment results for further analysis and reporting.
  • Establish Content Development Centers of Excellence. These centers would be created in collaboration with innovation centers at select universities and will focus on developing ActivTable Windows 8 apps and digital content conversion for higher education and K-12.
  • Develop interactive tools for Office 365. These tools expand the white boarding, polling and imbedding of interactive objects into Office 365. Promethean ActivOffice provides these capabilities for the current versions of Microsoft Office and is available when customers download ActivInspire.

Microsoft and Promethean will work together to support global implementation of ATC21S. This research project proposes ways of assessing 21st-century skills and encourages teaching and adopting of these skills in the classroom. The two companies will provide the project with collaborative and real-time assessment software, pedagogy and technology. Additionally, Promethean’s classroom technology and software will be used to support the worldwide Microsoft Mentor School Tour.

Microsoft will offer expertise and support for Windows 8 and Windows RT development for the Promethean ActivTable and real time assessment software ActivEngage.

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