Bett 2013: Promethean demonstrates leadership in boosting productivity and authentic learning for all students

Published: January 23rd, 2013

1/23/2013 10:30am – In an effort to address the growing student disengagement problem, global education company Promethean (LSE: PRW) is demonstrating how contemporary classroom practices augmented with multi-user, multi-touch technology can increase teaching and learning productivity and create an immersive and engaging educational experience. At Bett 2013, educators in the Promethean Learning Productivity Studio (Stand C80) will model best practices for three different learning modalities: whole class instruction, personalized learning and collaborative learning.

The company will preview a 7” Android tablet preloaded with software for gathering immediate feedback on student comprehension and for customizing lessons to advance student achievement. The combination of the tablet with Promethean’s ActivEngage 2.0 software means every student can interact at their own pace and teachers can instantly capture results by individual students, assess their understanding of the lesson and intervene when necessary.

“The evolution of multi-touch surfaces, multi-user interfaces, learning analytics and digital curriculum is changing how teaching and learning happens. As we leverage the power of these robust tools to customize learning with software that captures and analyzes real-time feedback from students, we can improve the productivity of learning,” said Lupita Knittel, Chief Marketing Officer, Promethean.

The company will also release an update to its virtual learner response system ActivEngage 2.0, making it a reliable and an essential addition to any BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiative. The software drives collaborative exercises for whole group discussions, engages students individually in question-based learning activities, and provides teachers with real-time feedback to customize lessons. It works on school or student owned devices. The upgrade optimizes it for use on touch tablets, PCs and smartphones running Windows 8 (via a web client server), Android and iOS.

A new content modifier for the ActivTable will also be released, giving teachers the ability to customize activities for their classroom. The table interface has also been updated to reduce set-up time, simplify management functions and increase learning productivity. During the show, the ActivTable will be shown running Microsoft Windows 8 to demonstrate how the touch-centric operating platform improves gesture-based activities, such as pinching, sizing and sharing, and makes the table run more efficiently with shorter transition times between activities.

When digital content, software and interactive technology are used together in the classroom, learning productivity improves. A recent study by York University reveals how using digital content with Promethean’s integrated software and hardware delivery system enhances grammar instruction. Ninety-three percent (93%) of teachers said the questions for learning functionality of Promethean’s software increases student engagement.

“It’s all about improving teaching and learning. Our software integrates any interactive device in the classroom and gives administrators immediate access to data they can use to make decisions about whole-scale education reform,” said Knittel. “We are exploring opportunities with other providers to proliferate the use of our software on a wider range of interactive technologies to benefit more teachers and help schools maximize investments.”

Promethean’s award-winning software ActivInspire is used by millions of teachers around the world and supports more than 75,000 classroom resources included on Promethean Planet.

The company’s leadership on learning productivity is part of an ongoing discussion around the 21st Century Education Themes that Matter. These themes – collaborative and personalized learning, student achievement, teacher effectiveness, data driven decision-making – are key to achieving global education success. Join the conversation about education transformation efforts around these themes via Twitter by simply following hash tag: #LearningMatters.

The complete report from the York University study can be found online.

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