Promethean makes classroom teaching and management easier with new product enhancements

Published: May 21st, 2020

Promethean, a global education technology company, announced new functionality to its ActivPanel Elements Series, delivering innovations that make the well-loved interactive display even more accessible, easy-to-use, and secure. Developed with customer needs at the forefront, Promethean added the features to lighten the workloads of both teachers and IT leaders as schools re-open to students this fall.

“It’s important our solutions enable schools to focus on what matters most – student learning,” said Steve Halliwell, Chief Product Officer at Promethean. “These updates make it easier for teachers to access what they need at the touch of a button and for IT administrators to securely protect their users and streamline management for back to school, enabling a more seamless teaching and learning experience. These upgrades reflect Promethean’s ongoing commitment to responsive product improvement and long-term support.”

Security and personalization have never been easier with the latest features. Teachers can create ActivPanel profiles that give them more flexibility by accessing their files, apps, and browser data – all of which are protected when they sign out. Integrating with cloud storage accounts like Google Drive™ and Microsoft® OneDrive allow teachers to easily access and save content during lessons and at home. Multitasking is made easy with the ability to use multiple windows simultaneously to teach from several content types or apps at once. Lastly, to enhance classroom collaboration, the ActivPanel’s Unified Menu now features the new Promethean Screen Share app, which allows teachers and students to interact with 1:1 devices and content in real-time on the panel.

IT managers and administrators will enjoy enhanced security and manageability delivered through Promethean Panel Management. IT administrators can now centrally manage panel configurations, settings, and restrictions from any location to create more consistent experiences across schools within their district. Promethean is committed to providing software and security updates to ensure that schools always have the latest technology and maximize the life of their investment.

With the tight integration between hardware, software, and services, the advancements in the ActivPanel Elements Series bring an unparalleled experience to administrators, teachers, and most importantly, students.

To learn more about the ActivPanel and its enhancements, please visit Promethean World.