Promethean is committed to the future of ActivInspire

ActivInspire Lesson Delivery Software

Published: May 1st, 2018

Promethean’s lesson delivery software portfolio continues to offer both ActivInspire and ClassFlow

We would like to inform our loyal Promethean customers of our future plans for ActivInspire, and let there be no doubt – Promethean remains dedicated to ActivInspire, and it’s here to stay.  We cannot overstate the importance, value, and hard work that teachers have put into the millions of ActivInspire lessons and activities created over the last decade.  At the same time, we remain committed to ClassFlow, our cloud-based lesson delivery software that has grown tremendously over the last four years.  Our ultimate goal is to offer our customers their choice in lesson delivery platforms to support instruction, engage students, and inspire learning for years to come.

To support our software, we are continually investing in and developing new training resources that will aid teachers along their ActivInspire and ClassFlow journeys. Teachers can now access our new Learn Promethean online training hub, featuring tips, tricks, and tools that will help teachers effectively utilize ActivInspire’s award-winning teaching tools in the classroom and ClassFlow’s online features. We are adding new resources daily, with hundreds more planned for the near future.

While we are committed to preserving the simplicity of engagement with ActivInspire, new and emerging technologies present an opportunity to bring additional features to our software. We will be excited to share these new enhancements with you as they progress throughout the development cycle, so stay tuned!

Again, we wish to thank all of you for your many years of loyal ActivInspire and ClassFlow support.  We at Promethean look forward to continuing to serve you with a choice of software solutions that empower teachers and motivate students to learn.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) You mentioned enhancements. Does this mean that new features will be coming to ActivInspire?

Yes! We are excited for the future of ActivInspire, and as technology continues to evolve, we plan to bring more enhancements and new features to ActivInspire. For example, among planned features for this year, we will be introducing Activities to ActivInspire. The new Activity Builder will enable users to quickly produce much loved patterns used in learning, such as Matching and Categorizing, simply by entering data. This will not be replacing any of the methods used before – we see this as a way of enhancing existing Flipcharts without changing anything! Stay tuned, as we will have more exciting features to share with you soon.

2) Will there be continued support for bug fixes and OS updates in the future?

Yes. Our commitment is to continue to maximize the performance of ActivInspire, including continued bug fixes and updates to ActivInspire that support new OS releases.

3) Will new Promethean Interactive Displays still include ActivInspire Licenses?

Yes. ActivPanel, ActivPanel i-Series, and ActivBoard Touch all include a single-user ActivInspire Professional license. The license is located on the side or back of the display. The current plan of record for ActivPanel, ActivPanel i-Series, and ActivBoard Touch is to continue this approach.

4) Will Promethean continue to deliver ActivInspire training and professional development programs for educators?

Yes. Our dedicated team of professional development consultants, most of whom have been educators in the classroom, are continually creating new training content and delivering programs to schools, districts, and at conferences as well as online every day. Please visit Learn Promethean for more information and follow them on Twitter @learnpromethean.

5. What about ClassFlow? Will Promethean support both lesson delivery programs?

Yes. We offer both lesson delivery platforms in our software portfolio to provide educators with options that best suit their teaching styles and technology environments. ClassFlow provides a cloud-based lesson delivery platform, while ActivInspire is our desktop offering. We are continually supporting and enhancing both platforms for the foreseeable future.