Futuresource confirms that Promethean continues to be the #1 education brand for Interactive Displays in USA and EMEA

Published: August 22nd, 2022

Significant demand and investment in education technology increases market share for Promethean’s ActivPanel

Promethean continues to be a global leader for Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD) technology, according to Futuresource Consulting’s Q2 2022 report on the World IFPD market. As schools closed out the 2021-2022 school year, administrators set their sights on a successful upcoming year by purchasing the right edtech for their classrooms.

Promethean maintains its global K-12 education sector IFPD market leader position from 2018 to 2022 collectively, excluding sales in China. From July 2021 to June 2022, Promethean achieved a 24.2% volume share of the total IFPD market. In that same 12-month period, Promethean remained the number one brand in the United States, United Kingdom & Ireland, and Germany. Most recently, in Q2 2022, the company continued strong growth in the United States, achieving a 30.2%volume share of the IFPD market.

Promethean rounded out Q2 2022 with the launch of the all-new ActivPanel 9 with ActivSync, which delivers the most robust, seamless, and secure user experience to teachers, students, and IT administrators. After listening to more than 1,300 customers across the globe, Promethean designed the interactive panel to navigate a changing learning environment. The ActivPanel 9 is the only interactive panel with ActivSync, Promethean’s patented technology which eliminates digital barriers between devices and enables increased connectivity, customizable settings, and enhanced mobility so teachers can move around freely. In addition, teachers can record lessons, including classroom voices and panel content, to be shared with remote and absent students and parents through any platform. Promethean also announced a strategic alliance in the U.S. with artificial intelligence (AI) technology company Merlyn Mind, where Promethean will distribute Symphony Classroom™, the AI solution that brings the Merlyn digital assistant to teachers powered by voice-activated AI.

“As we lead the way to Q3 2022 and beyond, it is clear that Promethean continues to accelerate our commitment to bringing innovative, market-leading technology to teachers, students, and IT administrators,” said Chris Hand, chief revenue officer at Promethean. “With the all-new ActivPanel in use, classrooms are now outfitted with interactive panels that are more secure, user-friendly, and interoperable with other technologies.”