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This site was designed to provide LAUSD with real-time resources to help make the most of your Promethean ActivPanel, and provide your staff and students with the best learning experience possible.

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Learning, Transformed

Promethean’s next-generation interactive panel delivers our most robust, seamless, and secure user experience yet.

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Learn Promethean

Explore a range of learning opportunities developed and delivered by Promethean’s educator team

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Promethean Interactive

Find free virtual training events designed to bring teachers together to learn new skills and share experiences, exclusively on Promethean Interactive.

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Case Studies

Learn more about how the ActivPanel can help children find academic success–whether at home or in the classroom.

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Virtual Sessions

Check out our weekly orientations to learn how to get the most out of your Promethean ActivPanel interactive displays.

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Explain Everything

Explain Everything by Promethean unites two of the biggest names in education technology to offer what’s sure to be a revolutionary software platform for interactive and engaged teaching and learning. Together, we’re developing an exciting roadmap toward our goal of giving teachers unparalleled power to create and deliver lessons like never before.

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