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Our free Learn Promethean platform provides you with all the knowledge, training, and tutorials you need to get the most out of your ActivPanel.

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Case Studies

Learn more about how the ActivPanel can help children find academic success–whether at home or in the classroom.

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Our NYC team regularly hosts events and webinars in the New York area, take a look at past events and check out what we have scheduled for the future.

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Image of Richard Acheampong

Richard Acheampong

Area Sales Manager | Brooklyn and Staten Island

Contact Information

Email: Richard Acheampong

Phone: (973)262-6349

Image of Keith Fenton

Keith Fenton

Field Sales Engineer | NYC

Contact Information

Email: Keith Fenton

Phone: (856)493-7883

Image of Katie Marx

Katie Marx

Head of Professional Development

Contact Information

Email: Katie Marx, M.A.T.

Phone: (678) 822 3803

Image of Lindsay Rancourt

Lindsay Rancourt

Inside Sales Representative | NYC

Contact Information

Email: Lindsay Rancourt

Phone: (678)-393-1078

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Ronald Rasdall Jr.

Solution Sales Executive | Manhattan/ Bronx

Contact Information

Email: Ronald Rasdall Jr.

Phone: (646)492-0964

Image of Regina Yeager

Regina Yeager

Territory Manager | Eastern New York State & Queens

Contact Information

Email: Regina Yeager

Phone: (718)864-3587

Image of Ryan Thornton

Ryan Thornton

District Education Consultant | NYC

Contact Information

Email: Ryan Thornton

Phone: (770)241-1180

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Frequently Asked Questions

Remote learning happens when the student and teacher are separated by time and/or distance. In other words, they are not in a traditional classroom setting. Hybrid learning combines traditional classroom teaching with online/remote activities. For educators who are interested in remote learning, take a look at Promethean’s new section ‘Learning Beyond the Classroom: a Hybrid Primer.’

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Professional development is critical to address hybrid or remote scenarios. Teachers can access Promethean training courses from anywhere, anytime, and learn about remote learning with Promethean, Google, and Microsoft. Virtual training – teachers can attend regional virtual training webinars delivered by Promethean Education Consultants on how to teach in a remote environment with applicable classroom examples. where permitted, in-person, on-site training is customized to specific school scenarios to address remote and hybrid learning requirements.

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Promethean has libraries of content available to educators with hundreds of thousands of ClassFlow free teaching resources that can be shared with students. ClassFlow is an online cloud-based lesson delivery software service that allows for instructional materials in a teacher’s presentation to be shared with any student device while maintaining student interaction.

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The Promethean ActivPanel interactive display empowers secure, multi-device collaboration via screen sharing across networks using smartphones, Chromebooks™, tablets, and laptops. This frees teachers to move anywhere in the classroom and create small/large group interactions that drive student engagement. Plus now with Cloud Connect (which connects the Teacher Profile directly to their Cloud accounts including Google Drive and One Drive), teachers can build content anywhere, access it at the ActivPanel, then take content from the ActivPanel and share it in any virtual classroom.

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Teachers can record ActivInspire lessons and share via Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Box, or any cloud sharing platforms. Students can access the personal version of ActivInspire (for free) and share activities for offline interactions and view lessons on their devices. Teachers can export flipchart lessons to pdfs and share them via the virtual classroom of their choice. Students can connect to a flipchart lesson via a browser (device agnostic) for quick and easy polling.

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