Use these resources to help you make the most of your Promethean solutions.

Lesson Plans

Browse through a list of lesson plans that have already been created to give you instant access to ActivInspire functionality.

Browse through this list of ActivInspire flipcharts to see what you could use in your lesson. Learn more about ActivInspire from this product page.


All resources are ready-made and can be used straight from download.

Divisions of Time Download Flipchart
Math Review before Summer Vacation Download Flipchart
The Place Value Hotel Download Flipchart
Pizza Fraction Party Download Flipchart
Multiplying by Powers of Ten Download Flipchart
Mad Math Minutes Download Flipchart
What is a Fraction? Download Flipchart
Learning About Angles Download Flipchart
Adding With Unlike Denominations Download Flipchart
Metaphor Similes Download Flipchart
Main Ideas in a Story Download Flipchart
Rhyme Time! Download Flipchart
Fact & Opinion Download Flipchart
Cut Up Sentences Download Flipchart
Cause & Effect Download Flipchart
Adjectives Download Flipchart
Space and the Planets Download Flipchart
All About Maps Download Flipchart
Day & Night Download Flipchart
A Study of Seasons Download Flipchart
May Calendar Template Download Flipchart
May & June Calendar Activities Download Flipchart
Homework Grading Sheet Download Flipchart

Hardware Resources

In order to align your cursor with the location of your touch on the board, you may need occasionally to calibrate the board. Calibration is done through an application which may already be on your computer; if not or if you’re not sure, you can download below. For directions on how to use or an alternate download, please check the Promethean Support Site.

Software Resources

Activinspire comes prepackaged with a number of images and other media you can use to create your lessons. These are typically stored in your software’s Resource Browser, under Shared Resources- for details on how to use this feature, please refer to Activinspire’s Help documents.

Most of the images are stored in a folder labeled Subjects- if you do not have this folder, you may need to download and import the resource pack below. The file should import automatically if you run the file, however if not, save the file, then in Activinspire click on File- Import- Resource Pack- To Shared Resources and navigate to the file.

Download Resource Pack