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Federal Stimulus Funding for Education

Billions of federal relief funding is available for K-12 schools. Here is a breakdown of the funding allocations, timelines on when you can spend, and the solutions you can implement with interactive edtech that supports engagement across all learning environments.

Getting started: What federal funding is out there?

Learn about the federal stimulus funds available from the CARES/ESSER I, CRRSAA/ESSER II, and ARP ESSER Acts by downloading our infographic. If you need more information, take a look at our funding guide for an in-depth view into the rules and regulations.*

Image of a downloadable PDF document covering all of the federal funding available for educational institutions.

How can you spend funding with Promethean?

Icon for evidence based approaches to learning loss

Evidence-based approaches to addressing learning loss

icon for closing equity gaps

Close equity gaps and reduce the digital divide

icon for educator professional development

Educator recruitment, professional development, and retention

icon for distance learning

Invest in high quality distance and digital education

icon for educational technology

Purchase educational technology

Experience our technology solutions

The Promethean ActivPanel is one of the most powerful tools a teacher can have to engage students, address learning loss, and promote learning in any educational environment, whether it’s in-person, remote, or hybrid.

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* The information contained herein is intended to help explain CARES, CRRSA, and ARP Acts and is not intended as legal advice or guidance, nor is it intended to guarantee coverage under the Acts. Promethean recommends verifying with your administration that expenditures will be made for eligible uses prior to making any purchases using CARES, CRRSA, or ARP Act funding.