Promethean has partnered with the Bahamas Ministry of Education, Science and Technology to provide students throughout the Bahamas network of islands equitable access to advanced education opportunities. Supporting the Bahamas Education Initiative, Promethean is working with the Ministry to bring the company’s ActivClassroom solution to life in all Bahamian schools.

“We are honoured to support the Ministry and Bahamian educators in their efforts to synchronize distance learning opportunities,” said Jim Marshall, CEO of Promethean. “With the ActivClassroom, a teacher in any school can teach any subject to any student in any location live – with video, sound, images and interactive material. The students will receive the lesson content in real-time and be able to respond instantaneously to the teacher. Opening the door for distance learning on this scale creates exciting possibilities and removes barriers. Students have no limits to what they can achieve – all they need is access to learning.”

The Family Islands

While the island of New Providence is home to almost 70 percent of Bahamians, 30 percent of citizens reside on the other islands, collectively known as the Family Islands. Providing advanced coursework to students in many of the Family Islands is logistically difficult.

Through the partnership with Promethean, the Ministry is creating a framework to provide all students access to advanced coursework, regardless of their geographical location. Additionally, the Promethean Bahamas Education Initiative provides technical expertise to assist the Ministry to expand programs in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

Promethean has started a list of frequently asked questions to assist you with any concern you may encounter.  If you or your school have any items that you would like to add or if you have a question that is not listed below click the “Contact Us” button.

Q: How do I turn my board on?
A: Your board does not have a plug or an on/off switch. All of the power that your board needs comes directly from the computer itself. So, you just need to make sure your computer is turned on. In order to display your computer on the board simply double click the green button on your projector remote.

Q: Can I write on my board with dry erase markers?
A: No. Do not write on your board with dry erase markers. If this does happen you can use the expo dry erase cleaner to take the writing off the board.

Q: What is the easiest way to start using my board?
A: The easiest way to get started using your ActivBoard is to open up the software that is located on your desktop named ActivInspire. Once the software is open select the pen tool from the main toolbar on the right and begin writing.

Q: Why am I not hearing sound from my board?
A: First check and make sure that the sound on your computer is not turned down or on mute. Next, check and make sure that your sound bar is on. The light on your sound bar will turn from red to blue.

Q: What happens if I do not have all of the tools I am suppose to, such as the option to import a PDF or use desktop annotate.  
A: This could be due to the fact that your ActivInspire software has not been registered. In order to do this go to the Help and click about About. You will be prompted to register your software. Enter your name, your schools name and the 20 digit code that you see on the lower right hand corner of your ActivBoard.

Q: How do I calibrate my ActivBoard?
A: There is a special program that you need to use to calibrate your ActivBoard. It can be found on this website under technical support.

Q: Can I use my preexisting resources such as think central?
A: Yes! Your ActivBoard is simply a replication of your computer. Anything that you can access on your computer you can access at the board.

Q: My board has been working but if I don’t touch it for 30 minutes or so it will not recognize my touch.
A: This is because your computer is trying to save power and is putting to sleep the USB port that your board is plugged into. In order to “wake” your board up, simply go the bottom left hand corner of the frame of your board. You should see a cord running into your board. Unplug that cord, wait for 3 seconds, and then plug the cord back in.

Q: Can I have two students working on the board at the same time?
A: Yes. They must be on the same tool, such as they must both be using a red pen or the selects tool, but yes you can have two students working on the board at the same time.

Q: Can I import a word document into ActivInspire?
A: Yes, but first you must save the word document as a PDF. In order to do this go into Microsoft Word and choose the save as option. Once you type the name of your document in look just below that to the drop down menu. From that drop down menu choose the option PDF and click save. Once you have done this go into ActivInspire and under the file menu in the upper left hand corner choose Import and then choose PDF. Locate the PDF that you just made from your Word document and then choose import. Now you will be able to use all of the tools within ActivInspire to work with your PDF.

Q:  Can I use ActivInspire on my SmartBoard?
A:  Yes, ActivInspire is a computer application and does not require a Promethean board to work, though some features may not work when not connected to one. ActivInspire responds to any mouse input and can be used with other devices like your SmartBoard.

Q:  Can I use any of my existing lesson materials within ActivInspire?
A:  Yes, ActivInspire has the ability to import a variety of different file formats including any of your existing PowerPoint, PDF, and Smart Notebook files. Importing these files is easy, simply open ActivInspire and in the top left select “File” > then “Import” and choose the desired file type.

Q:  What is the difference between importing “PowerPoint as Images” and importing “PowerPoint as Objects”?
A:  Importing “PowerPoint as Images” creates copy of your PowerPoint slides where the original text and objects cannot be manipulated or edited. Importing “PowerPoint as Objects” creates a copy of the slides where the original text and objects can be edited.

Q:  Can I use ActivInspire on my tablet?
A:  No, ActivInspire was only designed to be run on laptop and desktop computers and is not compatible with tablets. If you are interested in utilizing a tablet with your board please check out Promethean’s other software offering “ClassFlow” (

Q:  Can I control my Promethean board with my finger or with a different Stylus / pen?
A:  Yes, you can control your board with most objects though be sure to choose an object that will not scratch or mark the board.  Choose something that has a soft tip and that is wide enough for the board to detect.

Q:  Why does my ActivInspire software appear Blue and Yellow/look different from everyone else?
A:  ActivInspire has two different themes which can be used: “Primary” and “Studio”. The “Primary” theme, which is blue and yellow, is intended for early education with tool icons and placement designed to be easily identified and accessed by young learners. The “Studio” theme is intended for all other users.

Q:  How can I switch between the Primary and Studio themes?
A: To switch between themes first open the software. From the Dashboard window, on the left-side select “Configure”, then at the bottom check the box next to “Launch next time using the Primary/Studio look and feel.” ActivInspire must be closed and re-opened for the change to take effect.

Q:  When creating a new Flipchart, what is the difference between selecting File > New and File > New Flipchart in ActivInspire?
A:  When selecting File > “New” you are given the option to choose the screen size of the new flipchart. When selecting File > “New Flipchart” ActivInspire will automatically choose the screen size based on your settings, which by default is “Best Fit”.

Q:  Can I access my ActivInspire lessons saved on my school computer from home?
A:  ActivInspire files saved to your school computer can only be opened / accessed on that computer, but if you can save a copy of the ActivInspire flipchart files to a USB flash drive or a cloud drive, you can open it from any computer which has the ActivInspire software installed.

Q: Why would we download power pts, smart notes or PDF’s to flipcharts, when we can use desktop tools instead?
A: While you can display files using their default software, you will be restricted to using the tools with that software to interact, or to ActivInspire’s desktop tools. If you import into ActivInspire, you can use ActivInspire’s ability to annotate and all other tools with the file

Q: How can we use ClassFlow effectively, if my students do not have their own device?
A: You can create your own lessons and import your flipcharts from ActivInspire and show cards on the board. You can also access ClassFlow from anywhere (that has wi-fi), since it is web-based.


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