Educators confirm that social and emotional learning is the highest priority, according to 2021/22 State of Technology in Education Report

State of Technology in Education Report 2021/22

Published: October 5th, 2021

SEATTLEOct. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Promethean®, a leading global education technology company, today announced the first wave of results of their sixth annual State of Technology in Education report. The report provides guidance to educators and school leaders on the latest trends in edtech as well as where the future of edtech is going. This year’s survey is being released in five parts, focusing on the key areas of strategic goals, staff training in edtech, budgets, the use of technology in the classroom, and the future of technology. The report serves as an important resource for educators, IT administrators, and school leaders as they evaluate the impact and disruption COVID-19 continues to have on in-person, remote, and hybrid learning.

The U.S. version of this report surveyed more than 1,600 American administrators, teachers, and school leaders and delves into the lived experiences of adapting and growing over the past year. The largest State of Technology in Education report to date explores how the evolving role of technology in the classroom is changing how educators teach and how students learn and absorb information.

Key data points and trends pointing to the importance of social and emotional learning, the most frequently used tech, teacher training, budgetary priorities, and predictions about the future from the survey include:

  • Strategy: Social and emotional learning for student wellbeing is the top strategic priority according to 39% of educators.
  • Tech Use: 69% of respondents ranked laptops as the most frequently used tech, with interactive whiteboards ranking second at 58%, and apps ranking third at 55%.
  • Training: Training is a funding priority, according to 83% of respondents.
  • Budget: Despite wellbeing being the highest priority, only 1% report this will be reflected in spending next year.
  • Future: 93% of schools are better prepared for unexpected remote learning in the future.

“As the academic experience was completely redefined through 2020 and into 2021, investment in edtech played a major role in supporting students, educators, and schools as remote and hybrid learning became the new normal,” said Cheryl Miller, Chief Marketing Officer at Promethean. “Our 2021/22 State of Technology in Education report further validates that investment in edtech has been critical to maintain unexpected learning environments, while also highlighting the issues educators and students are still working to address during these challenging times, including student engagement, social and emotional learning, and the digital divide.”

Insights are captured across the globe with additional reports released for the United Kingdom/IrelandSpainPortugalAustralia, and Italy.

Explore the 2021/22 U.S. State of Technology in Education report’s full results. Survey chapters will be released weekly each Sunday in October.

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