Promethean launches the ActivPanel 9 Pro, responding to increased corporate demand for interactive displays

ActivPanel 9 Pro for the Workplace

Published: January 24th, 2023

ActivPanel 9 Pro provides a powerful, innovative, and affordable technology solution for businesses large and small

Promethean has launched its much-anticipated ActivPanel 9 Pro. With its intuitive user interface, advanced tools for collaboration and connection, and ability to work seamlessly with companies’ existing hardware and software, ActivPanel 9 Pro helps businesses respond to an evolving workplace.

“The world of work is changing, and businesses are looking to give their employees the technology they need to meet the challenges of today’s redefined office environment,” said Lance Solomon, chief product officer at Promethean. “ActivPanel 9 Pro is designed to enhance collaboration, facilitate deeper connections, and promote productivity—for both in-person and remote team members.”

ActivPanel 9 Pro represents a major entry into the corporate market for interactive displays, offering features, peripherals, and capabilities currently unavailable at a price point that’s affordable both for multinational corporations and small and mid-sized enterprises.

This best-in-class panel offers an exceptional touch experience, high-caliber audio and visuals, bonded glass for improved viewing and brightness, and one-touch access to the web and cloud. It also facilitates a seamless hybrid work environment that ensures all team members have a more equitable experience during meetings and presentations.

The suite of peripherals that comes with each panel includes a Logitech wireless keyboard with trackpad; a capture card for seamless content sharing; four passive pens; and a highly functional ActivPen that can be used as a virtual magnifying tool, laser pointer, and slide advancer.

ActivPanel 9 Pro also provides proprietary ActivSync technology, Promethean Panel Management, an industry-leading five-year warranty, access to training, and comprehensive support.

Promethean has already been serving the corporate market for several years with its award-winning ActivPanel Titanium for the Workplace. Current customers include a host of Fortune 500 companies from a variety of sectors, including technology, banking, and manufacturing. NCR, the No. 1 global provider of POS and ATM software and hardware, uses Promethean interactive panels as the centerpiece of its technician training program.

“Promethean just basically blew everybody else out of the water,” said Ed Becker, the lead instructor at NCR who helped select the interactive panel the company would use. “We’re in the service industry, so service means a lot to us. We were taken care of from the start. We had people wanting to come in and share, and they’ve given us a lot of support and a lot of help throughout it all. It was just really over the top.”

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The ActivPanel 9 Pro is currently available in the U.S. Please contact your local Promethean team or partner to learn more about availability in other regions.