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Ready to build the modern classroom? Promethean believes every student is capable of brilliance. With the interactivity of ActivPanel, training resources of our dedicated district teams, and passion of educators across your district, we can partner and do something brilliant.

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Meet the all-new ActivPanel

Promethean is the #1 global leader in interactive panel technology.


Discover how ActivPanel can deliver meaningful financial savings, increase student engagement, and improve educator productivity. With Forrester Consulting, our TEI™ Study takes the real-life experiences of our customers and interactive technology adopters to outline the true impacts of ActivPanel, bringing classroom possibilities into reality.

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Big Book of Stories

Learn how educators and Promethean are working together to make the modern classroom a reality.

The State of Technology in Education

Over 1,600 educators from across the US have shared their insights and thoughts on the current State of Education across strategy, training, school budgets, tech use, and future. What was the top result? Social Emotional Learning is a biggest concern for educators. But is strategy, budget, and training aligned to support? Find out all the latest insights.

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Explore the Future of Education Predictions Report

The education landscape has always seen change, but recent years have seen seismic shifts that are leading educators to question every aspect of their profession, fikely more than at any other time in their careers. Will educational technology continue to facilitate teaching and learning? How will the classroom look in the future? How will my students learn best?

Team Card

Image of Luis Morales

Luis Morales

Regional sales director

[email protected] | 210-548-2874

I started my chapter in education as a high school math teacher in West Texas. After earning my MBA, I was blessed to be able to join the private sector while still working directly with public and private education systems. Today, Promethean World allows me the opportunity to maximize technology to the fullest. Looking forward to meeting you either in person or virtually.

Image of Lucy Dasch

Lacy Dasch

Education consultant

[email protected] | 210-388-1945

Excited for the new school year? I am looking forward to connecting with teachers and supporting their efforts over the next year. I am a former educator. With 10 years in the classroom, I have experience with blended learning, classroom management, and lesson creation. I earned my master’s in Education with a concentration on Instructional Design, so my training and guidance focuses on not just how to use the technology, but how to incorporate it in classroom planning and delivery in the most effective and engaging way. I also have certifications including Promethean Certified Teacher, Google Level 2 Certified Teacher, Microsoft Innovative Educator, and Certified Apple Teacher. I am currently based remotely out of San Antonio, Texas, with my husband, three dogs, one ball python, and a beta fish. Looking forward to connecting in the future. Feel free to reach out with any questions or support needs.

Image of Bonny Barnes

Bonny Barnes

Inside sales representative

[email protected] | 678-393-1006

I have been a GA resident for 17 years. My background is in Microbiology and have various experiences teaching science in High School and community colleges. I have been part of the Taxes team for the past year and half and enjoy my daily interactions with school’s administrators and teachers.

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