How do IT administrators feel about tech in their schools?

Two primary-age school students work together on a digital tablet.

Published: March 3rd, 2023

The benefits of technology on the teaching and learning experience are widely recognised. Edtech proved its value when schools were required to adapt to hybrid and remote learning – and it continues to be embraced in new and innovative ways. 

In fact, in our latest The State of Technology in Education Report, educators (99%) overwhelmingly said they see the benefit of technology. It’s become an essential classroom tool to support teaching and ease increased workloads. And the students we surveyed shared similarly positive views. The majority of students (96%) agreed that technology makes their lessons more interesting and enjoyable. 

With these favourable findings in mind, how do IT administrators feel about their schools’ attitudes towards edtech?

Continued commitment and increased confidence 

The majority of IT administrators shared positive opinions in our survey, too. They acknowledged how important their support has become in the classroom and beyond, ensuring that their role is increasingly valued by faculty members across the school. 

After the disruptions of the last few years, schools’ attitudes towards technology have shifted. The education community has come together to embrace edtech more than ever before – it’s no longer just a ‘nice to have’, but an essential part of the education experience. 

Since lockdown and children working from home, many children are more used to and open to learning with the aid of technology. It is seen as less of a novelty and more of an everyday tool.

— IT/network manager, local authority primary, South West England

IT staff also recognise the effort teachers are putting into improving their edtech skills. They understand that, even though it may require constant practice, teachers’ continued commitment to improving their digital competency has also increased their confidence with edtech across the board.

As IT administrators play a key role in edtech’s continued success in their school, their support has proven more valuable than ever.