Classroom lightbulb moments with the ActivPanel


Published: March 23rd, 2023

The ActivPanel is a front-of-class display designed to empower teachers, but that doesn’t mean students don’t benefit as well. In fact, our customer stories about the schools and communities we support consistently show the many different ways students value and enjoy using the tool. Here are some of their favourite features.

Real-time, simultaneous collaboration

The multi-touch function allows collaboration rather than being limited to one user. “We’re using the ActivInspire Dual User function much more now. This allows multiple students to write on the ActivPanel at the same time and is particularly effective for head-to-head challenges and exciting mathematical games.” (Dave Morgan, assistant head, Kent)

With multi-touch functionality for several children to use at once and the instant whiteboard app, the ActivPanel has supported engagement from students and creates a collaborative classroom environment.

Louise Ritchie, headteacher, London

“The multi-touch feature of the ActivPanel has helped us to engage students in STEM subjects that are usually considered as difficult or boring, and it has even helped us with behaviour. Students are encouraged to work as a class or compete against each other in races against the clock in maths and science and this has helped to spark an interest in these subjects.” (Rob Ellis, assistant headteacher, South Pembrokeshire)


The user-friendly display, with its sense of an “infinite canvas”, engages students right away. “The whole interactive piece is so cool. It’s not just something they’re projecting, it’s a more powerful learning tool.” (Corrie Kozacek, education technologist, Denver)

“It sounds really simple, but the graph paper background in ActivInspire is such a practical tool for pupils to learn how to plot grids and draw curves.” (Dave Morgan, assistant head, Kent)


With the press of a few buttons, a student’s project can be projected up on the big screen for all their classmates to see, integrating the students into the solution. “The children love the Promethean Instant Whiteboard app as they can record their answers with someone else for support, challenge another child or have space to record team ideas.” (Miss Ross, special educational needs coordinator, Stockport)

Active classes

The ActivPanel helps keep energy high and students active. “We regularly initiate split screen challenges in which we’ll have two groups of students who will form a team to complete tasks, such as long division, faster than the other. This competitiveness encourages the students to work together and the ActivPanel perfectly facilitates this.” (Alex Bramley, assistant head and Year 6 teacher, Derbyshire)

Involving students in a classroom community

Teachers value being able to see students up at the ActivPanel working together on tasks. Before the upgrade, they would be sat around school tablets, and whilst they were engaged and learning, it wasn’t supporting interaction and group work. Now, even when the children are using the tablets, they can be connected to the ActivPanel to foster deeper discussion and interaction as a class.” (Hannah Lobley, Year 2 teacher, Stockport)

Lightbulb moments

The multimedia functions bring concepts to life to create more of those all-important moments when a student finally grasps their learning. “It offers great clarity for the students, particularly from a visual perspective. We’re currently studying the parables from the Bible with Year 7. Through the ActivPanel’s advanced visual display, I’m able to show a storyboard, so while the language used within the Bible is quite complicated, the students are able to follow along and further their understanding through the brilliant visuals.” (Akeel Iqbal, Key Stage 3 RE teacher, St Alban’s)

To find out all the features of the ActivPanel you can use to improve your students’ experience, join us for an online demo, or read more of our customer stories.